When I Poisoned Raviv and Myself

(Draft written on Aug. 2, 9 a.m.-ish at the hospital)

Not many days ago, I was thinking whether I have a tendency of being a Münchausen mom.  Ever since I watched a documentary about Münchausen moms on Discovery Channel pre-Raviv, I have always thought about them.  See, Münchausen moms are moms who have Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy–these are moms who deliberately make their children sick because they love the attention they get when people fuss over them and feel sorry for them.

Right now I’m with Raviv at the hospital.  He has gastroentiritis and is a victim of food poisoning.  What and who are the culprits?  It was the tuna in the spaghetti I put and made him eat.

In short, I’m the culprit.  Am I a Münchausen mom?!?

Yesterday (Friday), I did not go to the office because I was avoiding someone.  To make myself productive and to be able to serve merienda to my guests (and for me to feel a modicum of domestication in my blood), I decided to cook.

First thing I cooked was spaghetti.  After cooking the pasta and sauce, I baked them together.  But since my container was small, there were some leftover pasta and sauce that did not fit into the container I put inside the oven.  I decided to call Raviv, who was then playing in our lawn, to eat what I was not able to bake.  Since not much meat was in the sauce, I poured our leftover sautéed tuna (which I found stored in the oven) into my spaghetti.  While waiting for Raviv, I tasted my spaghetti with tuna and ate some of it.  When Raviv came, he ravaged my spaghetti.  Then I moved on to cooking mini-burgers and revel bars.

Almost right after I was done cooking, my blogger friend, Architect Ging Domingo-Santos, arrived. With her were her husband, 3-year old daughter Allie, and foreman.  Ging was actually at our home because we plan to renovate our abode, and we hope she be our architect/interior decorator.  While we adults were discussing our plans for our home over dinner, Raviv and Allie were having the time of their lives sword fighting, “swimming” through Raviv’s toys, “reading” books, and finally, watching “Frozen” while eating mini-hamburgers.

Yaya Gigi said that the two bagets had huge appetites, and almost finished the mini-burgers I gave them.

Afterwards, a sad Raviv sent Allie to her parents to go home.


Not long after our guests left, Randy was shouting and calling my name. Entering our bedroom, I was surprised to see a puddle of vomit on our bed, by Raviv’s feet. Raviv was staring agape at his vomit, not saying anything. I assured him it was alright, and that people really vomit. I had Yaya Gigi bathe him again, while Randy and I changed sheets. Yaya Gigi surmised it was because Raviv was overfed. And then I let Raviv lay on the bed again. 

A few minutes later, I felt Raviv convulsing, and his stomach and chest were twitching! I panicked and was shouting! Then, after much effort, Raviv vomited again. Andami uling isinuka! I felt sorry for my little boy, and brought him to our bathroom to bathe him once more. But I have barely removed his clothes when he started convulsing, and with more difficulty, he vomited again. And then again, and again. He was already vomiting his gastric juices, as it seemed there was not a morsel of food stored in his stomach. I told Randy to bring Raviv to the nearest hospital ER.
Unfortunately for us, the nearest hospital to us was the hospital I loathed when I was pregnant. More misfortune, because it was almost filled and the doctor on duty barely had time to see us. Imagine, when Raviv was to vomit again, it took them about five minutes to hand us the kidney bowl where Raviv could vomit into!
Randy: Hay, bakit ngayon pa nangyari ito? Kung kelan pa Friday at may klase tayo bukas…
I: Onga e. Babe ganito na lang, ‘pag ni-confine si Raviv, ikaw ang uuwi ako na lang magbabantay. Kasi out of town ka bukas tapos maaga pa byahe mo. E ako UPCAT Refresher lang sa LB.
Randy: O sige. Tawagan ko si Irvin para itanong kung pwedeng sa hapon ka pa magturo.
While Randy was making the call, poor Raviv kept on vomiting. Kahabag-habag talaga because you can see he was in so much pain–it was as though his body were seized by an unearthly entity and was making him do things he did not want to!  At eto pa–he did NOT complain and he did NOT shed a single tear.  Yes, wala talaga! Even when the nurse came (finally!!!) and pricked him for the dextrose.  He just tried to pull his hand away when he felt the needle, but when I told him not to, he just relented quietly.

Grabe, sobrang bait ng anak ko! Kaya all the more nakakaawa.  All through his difficult ordeal, all he said was a quiet and croaky, “Water”. I was asking myself what could have caused this: was it because he grabbed dirt and ingested a minutiae of it?  Was it because I sprayed Baygon in his playroom earlier and he inhaled it or touched surface that still had the deadly pesticide residue?  Or was it…good heavens, No! It could not have been the food I cooked.  It just can’t be!
However, as we were waiting for Raviv to be transferred to a private room, I suddenly felt all queasy, and felt like vomiting, too.  I told Randy what I was feeling.

Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #27: Sun, Sand and Surf Swimwear (June 24, 2014)

[Oh my goolai, bumabagyo na at lahat hindi ko pa rin pala napo-post ito!!!  I made this draft weeks ago, but was only reminded about this tonight.  Anyway, here it is]

Up to the day before our outing, I was still scouring mall with Raviv’s swimwear.  See, his old swimwear was already too tight.

Raviv and his super sexy swimwear at Tagaytay Highlands last year

When I went to SM, Spandex swimwear for toddler boys his age (or size) was nil.  I was told that it has been a week since the swimwear were pulled out, because it was already way past summer.  I also checked out Robinson’s.  Although it carried swimwear that would fit him, I did not like the designs available.  Chaka.  Tapos mahal pa.  So thanks but no thanks.  I was really desperate, because I knew Raviv would be so disappointed if he will not be permitted to swim in Punta Fuego’s swimming pool if he won’t not be wearing the “proper swimming attire”.

Good thing I remembered that I bought him board shorts about a year ago.  At that time, his shorts were still too big for him (but they were on sale!  So I had to buy!) so I just shoved them in his cabinet, on the “still-too-big-for-Raviv” shelf.

I got the shorts, tried it on Raviv and it was just perfect!  I realized it was even better than the usual Spandex swimwear because Raviv can just wear it and when he want to get wet, we just remove his shirt and voila!—instant swimwear!

Now here’s Raviv when Team Brain Train went to Punta Fuego:





  • abaca hat: from Shopwise (less than P100 ‘yan sa Shopwise!  Saw something similar at Rustan’s, P1,000++ grabe!)
  • white shirt: Old Navy
  • board shorts: Carter’s
  • footwear:  from Novo (P60 lang!)

I forgot to tell you, pati pala sa footwear ni Raviv na-stress ako the night before.  See, I thought he would be wearing the green, military-print Gingersnaps slippers given to him by my pedia friend Sugar, or his blue dog-face rubber sandals (also from Novo—cheaper because the pair’s only P40, but it looks classier) buuuuut—both were chewed by our bull mastiffs!  Ayun, Raviv has no beach-appropriate footwear.  So the night before, I asked Yaya Gigi to buy Raviv the same blue dog-face sandal rubber sandals at Novo.  But Yaya Gigi said that design was no longer available, thus she settled on the yellow footwear.  So ayan, mejo sablay ang footwear ng bagets.

Here are more photos of Ravivo at Punta Fuego:

With his pretty Nanay (sino kayayun? Winking smile)

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Summer Post Script Part 1: Changes

My Haggard-ous Versoza-ish summer has finally come to a halt.


Now, I can have this one-sided conversation with you again…momsterteacher.com, I’m sooooo back!  A lot, as in a LOOOOT of things happened during the summer.  But I was too busy troubleshooting them, or taking a break because of them, that I really had no time to write about them.  But since I want to immortalize them, I’m summarizing the significant things that happened to me during the last two months.  Also, the lessons I have learned this summer.

For this first post, I am going to have countdown of the changes that occurred.  While we know that “There is nothing permanent except change.” (Heraclitus), the summer that passed brought significant events that impacted our lives in a major way, or made me rethink several things.  Here they are:

5. I had hyperacidity!  And the pain it brought was no joke.

That’s why the sight of chocolates and too salty foods repulse me now. I used to think that people who squint their faces because of hyperacidity were just being OA.  Now I know better.  My hyperacidity rendered me absent for two days during the review.  Imagine that!  I will (try to..hehe) blog about hyperacidity more in depth-ly.  But to summarize, stress and bad diet are the major culprits.  Aaaand, watermelon saved me (thanks Tita Tess Dia-Melo for the advice!)

4. Raviv gained weight.

A loot of weight.  You want proof?  Here:

This was Raviv in March:

2014-03-30 09.59.55

Here he was in May:

photo (8)Dibaaaa?!?!

Not enough proof?  Well, less than a month ago I bought him clothes at Uniqlo (my new favorite store for Randy and Raviv!!!).  I knew he has become fatter, so I consulted our driver Dodong which size to buy.  His estimate was the same as mine, although I still had some doubts.

2014-05-27 20.22.13

But still, I got the size that Dodong and I thought was enough for Raviv.  But then…

2014-05-27 20.17.292014-05-27 20.19.56

2014-05-27 20.20.102014-05-27 20.20.14

Try as we may, the two pairs of pants did not fit.  Waaaah!

I dunno why or how he gained that mich weight quickly, but it may be because:

a. He stopped going to school.
b. He very rarely goes out of our bedroom because it’s too freaking hot outside.  Ergo, his activities are just watching TV or playing with the iPad.
c. His Yaya Gigi overfed him.

Whatever the reason is, I’m trying to control Raviv’s weight now.  Randy has forbidden me to do so, because he thinks Raviv is sooo cute right now.  I agree that Raviv may be cuter now that he’s “chubbier”, but according to helpguide.org:

Overweight and obese children are at a greater risk of developing serious health problems such as:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • bone and joint problems
  • asthma
  • restless or disordered sleep patterns
  • liver and gall bladder disease
  • depression and low self-esteem


Childhood obesity doesn’t always lead to obesity in adulthood, but it does raise the risks dramatically.  The majority of children who are overweight at any time during the preschool or elementary school are still overweight as they enter their teens.  Most kids do not outgrow the problem.

So I better start acting now, right?  It’s not that I’m depriving Raviv of delicious foods—I’m just trying to add more fruits and veggies and meat, while minimizing junk food and sweets (which is often the cause of my and Randy’s debates: Randy would say, “Kelan mo papakainin ng masasarap?  ‘Pag matanda na at bawal na?  And I would say, “At least tumanda!  Hindi maagang namamatay!”)

3. Raviv is no longer Peter Parker—he is now Ben Tennyson a.k.a. Ben 10.

And as proof of how busy we are last summer, I don’t know how that happened.  Basta na lang one day nung umuwi ako, ayaw na n’ya kay Peter Parker at si Ben 10 na raw siya!  Everyone who knows how obsessed he is with Spider-man was shocked.

Remember these moments?

Waley na ‘yang mgayan!  These are what’s uso with Raviv now:

2014-06-05 18.08.01

2014-06-05 18.07.41Yes, watch collector na si Raviv!  Hahaha!

I never thought this day would come when I would actually push Raviv to liking Spider-man.  Not too long ago I was so exasperated that Raviv wants to wear nothing but his Spider-man costume.

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Conversations with Raviv Part 4

Hi guys!  Our busy season officially began last week.  Aside from that I have to wake up very early everyday, “perform” in class for six-seven hours everyday and do administrative jobs before, after, and in-between each teaching stint, what’s so difficult for me is the fact that I’m separated from my boys most of the time.  Last week was the longest I’ve been away from them.  Randy and Raviv had been in our Sta. Rosa building from Sunday to Friday, while I had been in our condo here in Manila.  So yesterday (the only day when I had no classes), I spent much time with Ravivo talaga.  And boy I’m glad I did because now, I’m “single” and “childless” again.

So para hindi ko ma-miss nang todo si Little Boy Ravivo, I’m reminiscing the funny things he has been saying.  So ladies and gents, here’s Conversations with Raviv Season 4. Winking smile

Conversation 1

Randy bought Raviv this toy:

2014-03-10 14.22.56

Raviv loved it so much that he would play with it night and day.  Two days after its purchase, I noticed that the battery-operated car already had difficulty going up ramps.

2014-03-10 14.24.482014-03-10 14.24.25
When we saw this at Toy Kingdom, Randy initially did not want to buy as he thought it cost at least P4000.  When he learned it was only P1000, wala nang isip-isip, buy na agad!

Me: Raviv I think your car needs a rest.  Look o, it’s no longer moving.  It’s already tired.

Raviv:  No Nanay, hindiyan tiredna-traffic lang.


Conversation 2

One time I was teaching Raviv the sounds of each alphabet letter…

Me:  “A”—its sound is “ah”…

Raviv:  Ah-ah-ah…apple!

Me: Very good!  Next this letter naman.D!

Raviv:  Duh-duh-duh…dede!

Me:  Nye!  That’s right.  But there are other words that start with letter “D”duh-duh-duhDog!

Raviv:  OK.  Duh-duh-duhdog!  Duh-duh-duhdoor!

Me:  Very good!  Next is the letter P.  Its sound is “puh”.  What starts with the letter P?

Raviv:  Puh-puh-puh…pitoytoy!!!

Me: Whaaaat?!?  Other words anak that start with “puh”!

Raviv:  Puh-puh-puh…puwet!

At may narinig akong malakas na tawang guilty sa labas ng kwarto sa likodSi Yaya Gigi. Mga pinagtututuro talaga sa bata!

Conversation 3

I was nagmamaktol to Randy because the bag I’ve been eyeing and intended to buy was no longer available.  I was supposed to buy it weeks ago when we were condo-hunting, but Randy did not want to drive to Greenbelt.

Me:  Baaaaaabe!!!  Wala na yung gusto kong bag!!!!

Randy:  Ow ganun ba?

Me:  Nabiliiiii naaaaa!

Randy:  ‘Yaan mo na.  Marami pa namang iba.

Me:  Wala na!  ‘Yun na ang gusto ko!  Bihira magka-available na yellow na Twiggy!  Tapos mura pa ‘yun!  Perfect nayun eh!

And then I was pouting and sulking and frowning.  And then biglang sumingit ang Raviv.

Raviv:  Nanay, ‘wag ka na ngang sensitive!

In fairness, napangiti ako kahit sobrang depressed ko.  I got a dose of my own medicine—see, when Raviv cries over something said to him, we always tell him, “Raviv ‘was kang kang sensitive.”  Ayun, ako naman ang nasabihan.

Similar to the bag that got awaywaaaah!!!! Image courtesy of www.fashionphile.com

Conversation 4


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Gingersnaps: Celebrating 20 Years of Style

Advertorial/Press Release

Gingersnaps is one of the brands I love most.  Every time I see a Gingersnaps boutique, it’s impossible for me not to take a double turn.  Why?  Because it passed my litmus test with flying colors when it comes to my three major considerations when buying clothes for my unico hijo:

  1. Affordable – check!  Gingersnaps clothes may not be cheap, but considering nos. 2 and 3, I’d say that the price is reasonableyou won’t feel na-holdap after buying.
  2. Of good quality – check!  When I first touched my son’s soft skin, I cringed at the thought of letting him wear anything rough or something that won’t let his skin breathe.  Moreover, it’s necessary that the clothes be sturdy, considering that kids are carefree and very active.
  3. Fashionable – check! It used to be that one of my regrets not having a baby girl was not having a “doll” to dress up.  But it’s not true that mommies of girls have all the fun!  Baby boys are more challenging to dress up fashionably, yes, but Gingersnaps is up to the challenge!  In fact, Raviv was wearing a Gingersnaps polo on the debut of Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary more than a year ago!

1st wardrobe diary toddler boy ootd


Thus when Gingersnaps invited Raviv and me to attend its 20th Anniversary and fashion show (via email and via snail mail), I made sure we attended!

2014-02-20 14.36.51

And we are glad we did!


Daphne Osena-Paez hosted the show.

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Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #21.2: King of Hearts (Feb. 1, 2014)

Happy Sunday!!!

How was your Valentine’s?  Did you have a date?  If none, naku, wala kayo kay Raviv!  After playing at Active Fun on the very first day of the love month, nakadiskarte na si Raviv.  And take note, super pretty ng girl!   Take a  look:

prom king and prom queen
Image from Mars Ilagan

toddler love team

2014-02-01 18.04.54

Di baaaa?!?!  Does it not remind you of when you were in your junior-senior prom, biglang naging sweet ang music, at ang mga lalaki nagkaron ng soft yet determined expressions on their faces?  ‘Yung parang magtatapat naTapos tayong mga girls pa-demure naman na parang delicate flower?  Ahahaha!!!

Well if you’re wondering whether Raviv and Lia (that’s the pretty girl Raviv was with) actually attended a prom or a dance, hindi namanHaha.  This actually happened during the Gingersnaps’ 20th Anniversary and Fashion Show.

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Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #21.1: At the Johnson’s Baby Powder Play Factory (Feb. 1, 2014)

On Saturday last week, Raviv and I had a full day:  first, Raviv, Randy and I went for a hike early in the morning.  When we got home we just showered and went to Bonifacio Global City to attend two totally disparate events.

Our first stop was at the launch of the Johnson’s Baby Powder Play Factory at Active Fun at Bonifacio Global City.

active fun Johnson'sImage lifted from Johnsons Baby Philippines

And of course I knew Raviv will be playing and playing!  So I had him wear something comfortable and cool.  This was he at the event:

Raviv Wardrobe DiaryYes, pinag-stripes on stripes ko siya!  Same color combo (white and blue) but opposites on two aspects: top was widely-spaced and horizontal; shorts were pinstriped and vertical

And here’s a closer look at his outfit details:

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Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #20 : Happy New Class! (Jan. 8, 2014)

This third quarter, Raviv has already been transferred to the iExplore Class from the iDiscover class.  I was so excited to hear this, because before the start of the his second quarter at school, the head teacher of his iDiscover class told me she has long recommended Raviv to be transferred to the iExplore class, as Raviv was already ready to be in the bigger and older kids’ class even though he was still several months away from his third birthday.

Unfortunately at that time the iExplore class was jam-packed and there was no slot for my baby bear.

On Raviv’s first day of classes this year (start of his 3rd quarter), I was not able to go with him to school as our busy months have already begun—I left early for an important meeting.  Imagine my disappointment when, upon getting home, I was told that Raviv was already transferred to the iExplore class!!!  He was brought to his old classroom but then his teachers told Yaya Isay that Raviv was to go to iExplore already!

So the following day, I made sure I would accompany Raviv to his second day of classes in his new class.  Here he was a few minutes before Randy and I brought him to school:



2014-01-08 08.33.56 2014-01-08 08.34.00 P1080178

P1080163 P1080166

Here is my little boy’s outfit details:

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Conversations with Raviv Part 3

Are you ready for more of Raviv’s wisdom and wit?  Pwes, lezz hear it!

raviv the sageHe’s blunt, he’s frank, and he’s witty!

  • Raviv the Ultimate Ladies’ Man

    One madaling araw, as I was soundly asleep, Raviv was probably bitten by a mosquito and was awakened.  He woke me up to scratch him.

Raviv:  Nanay!  Nanay!  Itchy, Nanay…

Me:  [deadma, tuloy tulog mantika]

Raviv (begging in a more insistent tone): Nanay Nanay itchy!!!  Nanaaaay!!!

Me: [walang awa, tuloy tulog mantika]

Raviv, in a softer tone: Pretty Nanay itchy…Pretty Nanaaay…

At sino namang hindi magigising n’yan ‘di baMadaling araw may tatawag sa ‘yo nang, “Pretty Nanay!”  Of course, I woke up even though I was groggy.  With a smile pa.  I have a feeling he will be able to make any woman do as he bids in the future.  So girls, beware!

nanay dew and raviv at bioresearch zoo A much younger Raviv and his charmed pretty Nanay Dew

  • Raviv the Understanding Son of a Working Mom 1

    On my lunch break, I lay beside Raviv so he would have his afternoon nap.  However, lunch break was almost over and yet he was still wide awake.  I rose from the bed, but he held me so I won’t leave.  I lay down beside him again and spoke to him gently.

Me:  Raviv, Nanay has to leave.

Raviv:  No!!!  No!!!  Nanay dito ka lang!

Me:  Raviv, I have to work anak…

Raviv:  ‘Wag kang work Nanay…’wag nang work…

Me:  Baby if Nanay does not work we won’t have money.  If we won’t have money, we cannot buy milk for you, toys for you, food for you…so Nanay has to work.

Raviv:  ‘Pag hindi ka nag-work wala na akong toys?

Me:  Yes baby.  Wala na tayong pambili ng toys mo…

Raviv kept quiet and got his feeding bottle and drank his milk.  Then he turned and saw me still lying down beside him.  He removed the bottle from his mouth, stopped drinking from it, looked at me with much conviction and said…

raviv drinking milk

Raviv:  O Nanay, alis ka na!  Work ka na.  Para may pambili tayo ng toys ko.

At bumalik sa pagdede.  OK, so dismissed na talaga ako!

  • Raviv the Understanding Son of a Working Mom 2

Just a few hours ago, while Raviv and I were resting…

Raviv:  Nanay hindi ka na work?

Me:  Yes Baby.  Nanay is finished working.

Raviv:  Work ka pa Nanay work ka pa!  Para marami akong toys…

Nyeh.  If he were older I’d have thought he was being sarcastic.  Or was he?

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Wardrobe Diary #52: Party Mom (Dec. 20, 2013)

I attended two parties today:  Raviv’s Christmas party at school and the Christmas party of some small groups/Bible study groups at church.

Randy’s Seal of Disapproval

Before I show you my outfit, unahan ko na kayo:  Randy wrinkled his nose upon seeing my outfit, and declared, “Hindi mukhang pang-Mommy! (What the fudge di ba?!?  Gusto ba n’yang mommy na mommy ang peg ko?)”

I replied, “Basta gusto ko!”

So here I was, and you be the judge:


And here’s a closer look at the details:



Back to the happenings of the day. :)

Raviv’s Christmas Party

First stop is Raviv’s Christmas party at school.  I was really glad because

1) Raviv received more gifts from his classmates/schoolmates!  Remember he celebrated his birthday the previous day?  Well, andaming pahabol na gifts!  In my heart I knew that whatever each gift contained, I was very grateful to these parents who made some effort to make my kid happy.  If you’re reading this, thank you so much!!!  I super appreciate you all!

2)  Finally, Raviv participated in his class presentation; I mean, naki-cooperate naYoohoo!  He participated in the second presentation, in their “staging” of Mary Had a Little Lamb!  You know why?  Because his role was a lamb na gumagapang sa pagsunod kay Mary! Ayun, cooperative kasi may kalikutan na involved!  Heto o at nangunguna pa!

2013-12-20 10.09.38

And here’s a video:

He also participated in another presentation, which was a caroling.

2013-12-20 10.40.41Pa-star!

On this day, printed copies of the kids’ photos were also handed out.

Here is Raviv with his classmates:

And here’s Raviv’s solo pic:

2013-12-28 22.42.07

In fairness, nagkabungayung effort namin na ipa-smile siya nung picture-taking!

Now lezzgow to my Christmas party!

Nanay’s Christmas party

It was a super fun Christmas party!  If you guys think being a Christian would make you uncool and manang, think again!  In fact my spiritual leader, Rhia Frio and many other mommies complimented my get-up. ;)  I told them that Randy did not like it because it was “hindi pang-Mommy”, and they told me Randy was mistaken!

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