The Amazing Raviv Turns 5 Part 3: Superhero Get-ups & Guests

continued from The Amazing Raviv Turns 5 Part 2: The Superhero Party Food, Cake, and Lootbag

In fairness, I’m keeping my promise!!!

After 3 months, here’s the last installment of Raviv’s superhero-themed birthday party at Gymboree, yahoo!

The Amazing Raviv’s Costume

First, let’s take a closer look at Raviv’s outfit:

IMG 0109Of course, he had to be Spider-man!!!

IMG 0170

IMG 0185Handsome face behind the mask revealed!

Raviv loves this costume immensely.  It’s a “muscled” The Amazing Spider-man Costume.  He’s oh so proud when he wears it.  I was lucky to have found a seller online who’s based in Sta. Rosa!  Otherwise I had to order this from the US.  Kumusta naman lang pagdaan pa sa costumes at sa port congestion, ‘di ba? This costume is actually for kids 7 and above, so it’s big for Raviv; the seller had no other stock so we had to make do with it. I got it in October, and I told Raviv he has to sleep early so he would grow and then the costume would fit him.  Hahaha!

On Raviv’s invitation, we encouraged Raviv’s guests to come wearing superhero costumes, except for Spider-man.  Mamaya may guest si Raviv na Spider-man na mas bonggacious pa ang outfit sa kanya, kawawa naman ang birthday boy.

League of superheroes, assemble!

In fairness, all of Raviv’s guests came as different superheroes.  No one else came as Spider-man.

But, there were 2 Spider…er…girls.

IMG 0330

IMG 0172This is Bella.  Her mom, Lindsay Abcede-Sese asked me first whether her lovely daughter could be Spider-girl.  Pwedeng-pwede!

Aside from Bella, Raviv’s cousin Yoona also came as Spider-girl.  The kwento is that my sister-in-law Ruth forgot that guests should wear costumes!  So the night before Yoona’s flight from Davao to Manila, Ruth and I were brainstorming what Yoona would wear.  Magpa-panic daw si Yoona if she learns she doesn’t have a costume on a costume party (Yoona is arte like her Tita Dewmaine.  Hehe).  Then we finally agreed on something:  Raviv’s other Spider-man costume plus Yoona’s tutu.  Lookie-lookie:





Most of Raviv’s guests were also dressed to the nines, superhero na superhero!

IMG 0965Raviv’s classmate Ethan as Batman, and his classmate’s brother as Superman

IMG 0250

IMG 0768Raviv’s schoolmate Sean as Wolverine…

IMG 1160

IMG 0237…while his other schoolmate Anton was Capt. America!

IMG 0978

IMG 0200Lia, daughter of my good friends Gerry & Mars, charmed everyone as Wonderwoman!

NewImageThis boy came as Thor.  His dad is Randy’s childhood friend and compadre

IMG 0995Juanmig—son of Randy’s friend—was either Ironman or a Transformer, according to Raviv.


Super duper daming “Super”!

And of course, there were lots of Supers: Superman, Superbly, Supergirl and Superwoman!

IMG 0988My inaanak Chug Chug was Superman…

IMG 0165 Lucas and Ethan, too!

NewImageTatay Randy was Clark Kent (who has undergone LASIK, I suppose, thus the missing spectacles)

IMG 0825Daddy Mike and Baby Marcus were a Superman & Superbaby tandem!

IMG 0029Kuya Dodong and Yaya Isay’s Baby Bethany was Supergirl…

…and of course, I was Superwoman!  Here I was with my “minions”:

IMG 0993

Even those who came without costumes went home as superheroes, thanks to the arts & crafts activity that was cape decoration.

IMG 0798


IMG 0807

IMG 0827

IMG 0829

IMG 0945

Even though this party has since been months ago, I am still grateful to everyone who came!  You amazed The Amazing Spider Raviv and his Super Parents.

Thanks @luther_abcede for the wonderful photos! 👍🏼👏 Can't wait to blog about #TheAmazingRavivTurns5

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Thank you, thank you, you all!


IMG 1172








IMG 1154




 (All images courtesy of Luther Abcede)

PS:  In case you’re wondering where I got my costume, Lindsay—who’s from Australia—got it for me.  She brought it when she arrived here in the Philippines only 2 days before Raviv’s birthday.

IMG 0315

It came with everything, on the photo: top, skirt, boots, belt and cape.  The blue leggings, however, were not included.

Wardrobe Diary #37: Ravenous Reader Raviv’s Moving Up Day at Gymboree (March 19, 2016)

March 19 was a day of oxymorons.  It was bittersweet, and “Whew” and “Sigh” kept taking turns in my mind.  Many were happy, but many were also sad.  Parents were also both excited and apprehensive.  Especially the Pre-K parents.  And that includes me.

So yes, on that Saturday, Raviv has officially “graduated” from preschool (I surmise kindergarten is no longer “preschool” since it’s already required by our DepEd?)  Thus the contradicting emotions.  As the cliche goes, how time flies.

Look at my little big boy during Gymboree Play & Music Sta. Rosa Preschool’s Moving Up Day, aka the First Annual Gymbo Awards:

Onesimus Coat Tie KidsYep, our peg was the Oscar’s!  So my son was among the cuties who sizzled on the red carpet.
Walking on th
e red carpet and striking a pose for the “paparazzi”

Thumb 10352607 980280505381872 5109496988463713793 n 1024Accepting his award from his Teacher Clarice

Thumb 12366326 980280548715201 2077863288395421435 n 1024Posing with his award, the Ravenous Reader Award.  The recipient of the award was described by Teacher Clarice as, “Shows outstanding reading skills and passion for reading at such a young age.”

Before the ceremony concluded, Teacher Clarice had such a sweet message for each of her six “graduating” boys.  Most of us Pre-K parents were holding back tears, because it’s palpable how much Teacher Clarice loves them.  For Raviv, Teacher Clarice advised him to never quench his thirst to learn.  She highlighted how much Raviv loves to learn; even when no one else is listening, Raviv is still intently listening to her.

It truly warmed my heart, because that’s what I think is important.  Kebs na even if he’s not the smartest in class, as long as his passion to learn is burning inside him.  It dawned on me again how great it was that: 1) Raviv went to school as early as 1.5 years old, that during the critical years his brain was stimulated; and 2) Raviv went to a progressive school where he got the idea that learning is fun, as it allowed him to be the active, inquisitive toddler that he was.


Outfit details and kwento:

10400061 980247038718552 5816490195378696155 nFamilia Ladaga…we are all wearing red of different shades! 

1012569 980247622051827 6503379229000262661 n

21473 980247212051868 1852492890442264727 n

IMG 7023

  • matching coat and slacks: Onesimus
  • long-sleeved polo: Blue Zoo by Debenhams
  • black leather shoes: Florsheim
This time, I won’t be shy in saying, Ang gwapo ng anak ko!  Good thing Randy and I decided to buy na rin the coat & tie ensemble.  Originally, I just wanted Raviv to recycle his outfit to his Abuelita’s 60th birthday: long-sleeves, tie, vest and dark denims.  After all, I can’t think of any other occasion where he could wear his formal clothes again.  But when I surveyed what his classmates would be wearing, I changed my mind.  All moms I talked to actually bought their boys matching amerikanas.  “Kasi ‘di ba formal?  Red carpet eh.” Gulp.  Kaartehan ko pa naman ‘yang red carpet-red carpet theme na ‘yan!  Not wanting my son to look kawawa vis-a-vis his classmates, Randy and I canvassed for affordable yet nakakagwapong matching amerikana for Raviv.

We first went to H&M at Festival Mall Alabang, and Raviv fit the dark blue matching amerikana there:

Shopping for the little boy's graduation outfit. This is Option 1. #RavivongBata #RedCarpetOutfit #GymboreeStaRosaPreschool

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 Randy was away when Raviv was fitting. When I sent Randy this photo of Raviv, bihin ko na raw.  LOL.  That was the first time we saw Raviv in americana, and ampogi!!!  But what discouraged me was the fact that the slacks were just as expensive as the coat!  A day or two earlier, we dropped by the Onesimus boutique at SM Sta. Rosa, and the price of the slacks there was almost half the price of the coat.  Which makes perfect sense, ‘di ba?  So I told Randy to look some more.  We checked Rustan’s next.  There was a whole set for P4,000: coat, slacks, tie, and vest.  We don’t need the vest, so ‘wag na. Then we went to SM South Mall and checked SM Department Store.

 I’ll be honest ha?

 Sometimes what I hate about some brands sold at SM is that despite the fact that their labels are not sikat and the material of their apparel is not exactly outstanding (and let’s face it, may pagkachaka pa ang designs), mas mahal pa ‘yung sa kanila.  Like the kids’ americana set we saw there.  Haller, mas mahal pa sa Onesimus na expertise ang formal wear, at sa H&M na ang ganda ng tela at sikat (although to be fair, there are a lot of labels at SM Department Store that I love, including Boys Got Style, Sugar, Modern Prince/Princess, Just Tees and Lizzie, etc.)
But in there we ended up buying Raviv’s black leather shoes from the Florsheim stall.

IMG 7024

 I’ll give you a tip:  laging may sale ang Florsheim sa big SM stores (very rarely in Rustan’s).  As in. Like this pair of shoes.  Its original price is P2,000+++, which honestly would have been sulit anyway because it’s pure leather and because Raviv could wear it with his uniform in his new school.  But since this pair was on sale, we got it for only P600.  Yes, P600 lang for a pair of comfy Florsheim leather shoes.  And to prove my point earlier, across the Florsheim stall was a local shoe brand stall selling similar shoes for P1,000.  See what I mean?

(To clarify, I have nothing against local products.  All I’m saying is that if it’s local and is not exactly “quality”, and if it’s not investing on brand imaging/advertising and is not up-to-date with the latest in fashion, it should be less expensive than other more established and internationally-known products).

Then we looked for the Onesimus boutique outside the department store and voila:  they have matching americana in dark gray that’s perfect for Raviv.

Ready na for Saturday. #GymboreeStaRosaPreschool #RedCarpetOutfit #RavivongBata #TheFirstAnnualGymboAwards

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I hope any one of my close friends would get married,and ask Raviv to be a ring/coin/Bible bearer so he could wear this outfit again!  LOL. 😛

(Thank you Luther Abcede for the “red carpet” photos.)

Why Raviv Cried

Two nights ago as I was putting Raviv to sleep, he was calmly reciting subtraction sentences. When his answers to his sentences were wrong, I would correct him.

A second or two of silence, then he quietly confided something to me: ‘Nay, all my classmates are good in math, but I’m not.”

And then he buried his face in the pillows to hide his tears and muffle his sobs.

Kinurot ang puso ko.

Raviv then told me the names of his classmates who excelled in math. He also told me that in his class (there are only 6 of them), he is the worst in math. Before he slept, he declared, “I hate math!” Errr, sounds familiar, actually.

That night, Raviv wet the bed. Twice. I read that stress and anxiety can cause that (well, that or because Raviv super loved the delicious melon juice that I made!)

The following day in the van on the way to Gymboree, he asked me to practice him by reciting some basic mathematical sentences in addition and in subtraction. When I asked him whether he wanted me to talk to his teacher about his problem with math, he vehemently instructed me not to.

But of course, I did (sorry ‘Nak!) Right after drop off, I asked his teacher to go outside the Pre-K classroom to talk to her privately.

I told Teacher Clarice Raviv’s concerns and fears. His Teacher Clarice was surprised and smiled. Then laughed. She said that Raviv was grossly exaggerating his “ineptitude” in math. As far as she was concerned, Raviv was just doing fine. She said that it could be because this time, Raviv wasn’t one of the best.  Not the best but definitely no the worst. Teacher Clarice said that often, it is Raviv who would finish worksheets the fastest, read sentences breezily, and answer science questions correctly. This time though, his other classmates finish their addition and subtraction worksheets ahead of him. Plus, his other classmates are also enrolled in Kumon. So there.

True enough, when I received Raviv’s Weekly Parent Bulletin [that Teacher Clarice made the day before (prior to our conversation)], there seemed nothing to be worried about naman talaga.


Honestly, I don’t know how to feel.

If you’ve been reading my blog when Raviv was still a baby, you’d know that it was my ultimate dream for Raviv to be super duper smart (emphasis on “super duper”), as in UP Oblation Scholar levelz. Consuelo na ang INTARMED. But after some time, I’ve mellowed down. Just like the parents whose thinkings I’ve always mentally criticized, my mantra became “I just want my son to be happy”, which was a far cry from my old battlecry that was “Push, push, push, push!” Hell, I had even planned to enroll Raviv in all academic extracurricular classes available! I even googled, “How to make your baby a genius”, and was disappointed when all articles basically said there was nothing I could do to make him a genius. Help maximize his intelligence, yes, but none on making him a genius.

Mi Amorcito

Yet now that I’ve discovered that…

  • Raviv has a sense of competitiveness.
  • Raviv wants to excel at school.
  • Raviv underscores his achievements but exaggerates his weaknesses.

…I must admit there’s a part of me that secretly did cartwheels because even if I have abandoned my dreams of having an Oblation scholar for a son, I may still have an academic achiever in the making. And more importantly, it will be his own volition to excel.

However, a part of me is also worried that he will easily get depressed when he’s not the best (Oh shucks, I even remember him telling me again and again that his favorite number is 1 because he always wants to be the first!)  And that his competitive nature would cast him as a social pariah. Or an annoying Hermione Granger-esque know-it-all. Or a laughingstock geek who won’t be able to get a lovelife until after he becomes rich courtesy of a software he invents. Then his wife gets a lover because he has no time and social graces. Waaaaaah!

Hay naku, ewan. The thing about motherhood really is: No one comes to it prepared 100%. Just when you thought you had everything figured out—FINALLY!!!—something will happen and you’re back to square 1.

Raviv’s Halloween Costumes

Trick-or-treating is one of those Western traditions that I had really wanted to be a part of when I was young. Unfortunately, because I was born three decades earlier, at partida sa liblib na part pa ng North Cotabato ako lumaki, hanggang carolling lang ang nagawa ko. Good enough I guess, except that carollings didn’t entail me to wear costumes (which is actually half of the fun of trick-or-treating).

Fast forward to today. It seems that trick-or-treat in posh subdivisions has been en vogue since a decade ago. So when Raviv was old enough to go trick-or-treating, go agad ako! I’ve heard that one of the best trick-or-treat haunts (pun slightly intended) were in Ayala Alabang. Since my cousin lives there, off we went. Unfortunately, it wasn’t such a good experience because there were too many “outsiders” who forced their way in the exclusive village just to go trick-or-treating (I even heard from another resident that there was a time when the security didn’t allow these outsiders in…ayun nagiba ang gate). Because of this, it seemed the Ayala Alabang residents were no longer too keen on handing out special treats…Mentos at Potchi na lang din tuloy ang treats.

The Halloween after Raviv’s first trick-or-treat,we were in Thailand, and there were no Halloween events there. But last year, Gymboree Play & Music Sta. Rosa had a Pumpkin Patch Party as a pre-opening event. It was Raviv’s first Halloween Party, and he had loads of fun.

He wore a Mike Wazowzky costume that we bought from Disneyland.

Pixar characters: Mike Wazowzky and “Jessie”

This year, Gymboree Sta. Rosa hosted five Pumpkin Patch Parties, and Raviv attended four of them. At each time, he had fun and participated in all activities. He wore three different costumes to the four parties.

Speaking of costumes, what’s your take on the controversial Muslim costume of Tito Sotto and Joey de Leon?

Joey de Leon and Tito Sotto wearing thawb as Halloween costume

When I first read about it, my first instinct was, “What’s wrong with that?” Perhaps I was so dense because it took me a while to realize that, traditionally, Halloween costumes were supposed to be scary. Thus, the two hosts seemed to have implied that Muslims were to be feared. That thought slipped off my mind because in Gymboree parties, we prohibited kids from wearing anything scary. And these days, scary Halloween costumes are considered tacky already. The cuter the better na kasi. That’s why I felt a tad bad about the Halloween activity of one of our local town malls. There was a Best in Costume award, and Raviv was wearing his Mike Wazowsky costume. Honestly, I thought Raviv was at least going to be shortlisted to be a part of the Top 10. But lo and behold, deadmabells ang board of judges sa costume ni Raviv, eh ang cute-cute kaya! Most of the kids they picked were wearing heavy scary make-up. Zombies, witches, ganun. Medyo naawa ako kay Raviv when he asked, “‘Nay, why was I not picked?” I just told him that the judges were choosing kids wearing scary costumes. But there was one cute little girl who was an angel. We supported the little girl to win, but I heard others say that she shouldn’t win because it’s a Halloween activity thus scary costumes must have an edge.

Anyway, back to the thawb costume. If the two hosts meant to wear it to be in the league of witches, zombies and other scary characters,well, foul nga talaga. But if it’s just a costume, as in like a Heneral Luna or Mike Wazowzky or pirate or fighting prince, then maybe it’s no big deal. It may not be politically correct but honestly, kapagod na ‘yang political correctness na ‘yan.

IMHO, those who cry being bullied by politically incorrect people are being the bullies with all their open letters and statuses complete with “Pls share”. FYI, pikon akong tao. But I think people these days already put too much malice on the littlest things that were uttered or published offhandedly. Too much reading between the lines, when most of the time there’s nothing to read.

And FYI, I’m not a fan of Eat Bulaga or AlDub. Neither am I a fan of Showtime/Vice Ganda nor any noontime show for that matter.  Moreover, I stand corrected if Joey de Leon and Tito Sotto said or did something discriminating relating to Islam while wearing the thawb.


Sorry for the interim. Let’s return to Raviv. 🙂 [Read more…]

Conversations with Raviv Part 6

This November, Raviv will be taking his first entrance exam to a big school.

Gravity, hindi na baby ang baby boy namin!!! One of the things I love about blogging is that old entries make me smile. There are times I can’t believe something really happened, but since I know I’m very honest on my blog, I knew they happened if they’re documented here. I could revisit Raviv’s childhood again and again, and I’ll remember what a funny and adorable baby he has been.

Speaking of funny, let me share with you some of the hilarious things I remember Raviv saying over the past…well, ever since I wrote Conversations with Raviv Part 5.


Conversation 1: Calling a Spade a Spade

I once brought Raviv to a training. At lunch, we were served a KFC lunch box with two pieces of fried chicken. I gave Raviv the chicken because he loves fried chicken. He ate heartily. Afterwards, I told him to thank the person who provided our food.

I: Raviv you have to thank Ms. P****

Raviv: Who is Ms. P*****?

I: The one wearing pink.

Raviv: Which one?

I: That lady (pointing to Ms. P****), o.

Raviv: You mean ‘yung mataba?

I: Sssshhh Raviv don’t say that! Don’t say someone is mataba!

Raviv: OK. So you mean the fat one?

At that point, wala na akong masabi. Hehehe. Euphemism and politcal correctness are not expected of kids.


Conversation 2: A Jollitown-er at McDonald’s?

Last summer I “enrolled” Raviv at as a McDonald’s Kiddie Crew (Do I recommend it? Mmm, perhaps not for really young kids. For 6 and above. The “facilitator” isn’t too hands-on and might just leave your kid doing something else—good thing I did not believe them when they told me to just leave my four-year-old with the facilitator. Most participants were also older, and I was afraid they might bully Raviv) His favorite part is when they would go to the counter and get customers’ orders. S’yempre bili ako nang bili, at dapat s’ya ang nasa counter. He was super cute!

Para mas cute, I taught him something.

I: Raviv when someone is at the counter, you should tell them, “Welcome to McDonald’s!”

Then Raviv proceeded to the counter. When he saw a customer over the counter…

Raviv: Welcome to Jollibee!!!

Ayayay!!! Hahaha! Sinasadya n’ya ‘yun, because he flashed that adorably naughty grin of his!


Conversation 3: Boys’s Secret!

Randy and Raviv were in the living room watching TV while I was in our bedroom. Then Randy called me, laughing. Apparently he and Raviv had this conversation when a chocolate drink commercial aired.

Raviv: Tatay, I think I want to drink my chocolate drink (we have stock in the ref for his baon; I don’t allow Raviv to drink it just because).

Randy (ever being the spoiler): OK, get one from the ref.

Raviv: Pero ‘wag natin ipakita kay Nanay, OK?

But of course Randy told me, pointing out what a spoilsport I was! Actually, that wasn’t the first time it happened. Yaya Isay told me that once he saw Raviv hiding in our laundry area. Apparently, one of our drivers offered Raviv the Nova (chips) that our driver was eating. Looking around, he told our driver to follow him to the secluded laundry area. There, Raviv munched on the chips. When his Yaya Isay saw them, she told Raviv, “Hala ka! Bawal sa ‘yo ‘yan ‘di ba?!?” Raviv looked like he was about to cry and returned the chips to the container. Our driver, feeling sorry for Raviv, begged Yaya Isay to allow Raviv to eat and not tell me. They kept that secret for a long time, actually. It was only recently I learned about it whwn someone accidentally let the chips—er, the cat—out of the bag. [Read more…]

Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #31: Roar for Dinosaurs! (June 3, 2015)

Ola! I’m currently preparing for a presentation next Saturday, and I’m already tired. Blogging break muna.

Anyway, our super duper short & light UPCAT review season ended last week. To mark that finally we are on vacation mode, Randy made last minute plans to go to Clark/Angeles. Raviv had been saying he wanted to go back to Dinosaurs Island and to go swimming. So Randy tasked me to book at Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks & Casino. More about Fontana in a separate blogpost. For the meantime, i-feature muna natin ang Ravivong Bata and his outfit.

We arrived at Clark at around 9 a.m. Since it was still too early to check-in our villa at Fontana, we proceeded to Dinosaurs Island. Look at how excited and “nasa mood” Raviv was, despite the long travel:

Ain’t he the cutest?!? And allow me point out the obvious: his shirt was just perfect for this trip! Kebs nang long-sleeves at pinawisan siya! Basta dinosaur!  Or should I say, dino-snoar?

But it wasn’t just his shirt that was in the theme. Notice that he’s carrying a backpack, too. We don’t usually make him carry a bag, but this one’s an exception, because he loves his bag so much. Take a look:

Raviv’s whole ensemble made him so much more excited. So of course, here are the outfit details:

  • long-sleeved blue shirt: Debenham’s Blue Zoo
  • mustard shorts: Rustan’s Kiddos
  • sandals: Chicco
  • abaca hat: from a store at Festival Mall
  • bag: Lily & Tucker “Danny” bag

[Read more…]

Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #30: Nanay’s Shopping Buddy (May 8, 2015)

On Facebook and on Twitter, several people have been requesting me to blog about Raviv again. Onga, I haven’t been blogging about mi amorcito these days! Truth be told, we haven’t really bonded in the last weeks. We would be together physically, yes, but mentally my mind is wandering and wondering.

So last Thursday when I learned I have no classes (yep, Brain Train’s MomsterTeacher is back!!!), I decided to take Raviv out. It was a simple day out kasi SM Sta. Rosa lang ang kinaya naming puntahan. Nuvali or Paseo de Sta. Rosa may have been more sosyal to the ears, but we go there almost everyday already, and there are not too many stuff for kids in either mall. So SM Sta. Rosa it is! Here’s what he wore on our day out:

  • polo shirt: Old Navy
  • mustard shorts: Rustan’s Jr.
  • sandals: Florsheim Kids
  • abaca hat: SM Dept. Store
  • sunnies: Dickies

You know looking at this, I can’t help but smile. Binatang-binata ang anak ko. And I just gotta say it: he’s definitely a looker!

First, we went to a bookstore where I bought Raviv all books he wanted. And he was so happy! Next we went to SM Kids Fashion at SM Department Store. I really wanted to buy him new clothes because Raviv was going on a date with his Ninang Light Manuel the following day. Since it was medyo last minute, I wasn’t able to pack Raviv enough nice clothes (most of his clothes were in Los Banos; I brought clothes to last him until Friday only as he was supposed to travel back to Los Banos on this day). And wouldn’t you know it, there was a sale on most kids’ clothes!!! I got Raviv these:

Garfield Polo Shirt at 50% off; from P400 to P200 only!

Boys Got Style (BGS) shirt at 50% off; from P300 to only P150! I love BGS because even though they’re really affordable, they’re sturdy and stylish! What I love about this shirt is that the cloth is really soft and thick, and the rubberized surfboard design is a headturner!

However, even if there were lots of sale items, I still wasn’t able to resist buying Raviv these pants and polo that weren’t even on sale. Ang ganda kasi! Look:

Disney’s Cars denim short-sleeved polo. This is actually too big for Raviv, as it’s for 7 to 8-year-old boys! But this was the last piece and I wanted it so badly. We tried it on Raviv, and tucking it in did the trick!

I also got him these stylish pants to finish the look:

Snoopy red skinny jeans. Again, these were too big for him but since the waist was adjustable and the hem could be folded, keribells na!

After Raviv patiently tried on shirt after shirt and pants after pants, he somehow sensed I was in a good mood already. So he pulled me to the toy department. I normally don’t buy him toys, but because he was such a good boy today—indulging his Momma in her kaartehan—I got him a Ben 10 toy. On sale, too! ‘Yun lang, masaya na s’ya. Then we had lunch. We were supposed to go back home after lunch. But then I spotted the Uniqlo store! I love Uniqlo! I’m such a fan! The items may be a bit more expensive than Bench’s or Penshoppe’s and other local stores’s pero naman, the quality of their items are different. Fabric is softer yet sturdier, and design is casual yet fashionable. Plus I love that their stores are roomy and not cramped, and their sales assistants are always helpful and courteous.

Lookie lookie at what I got:

These shirts (made of super duper soft fabric!) cost P390 each…but wait, there’s more: If you buy 2 shirts you get P100 off! If you get three, that’s P200 off! Since I got 4, I got P300 off! Wow, what an offer! Hehehe!

Of course, I also got Raviv shorts from Uniqlo.

I’ve forgotten whether these shorts were on sale, but I found this pair too cute to pass up!

And yeah, I got Randy a pair of walking shorts, too!

Whaddya think? I honestly had second and third and fourth thoughts about buying these shorts. They’re lovely but I was thinking: Ready na ba si Randy sa ganitong shorts?!? But I proceeded buying anyway.

[Read more…]

Wardrobe Diary #69: Black & White at the End of the Rainbow (March 6, 2015)

Happy Monday everyone!  How was last week for you?  I hope it went great!  As for Familia Ladaga, the magic sentence is:  The trouble with “Hello” is “Goodbye”.  O di ba?  Actually, the first half of this week was kinda uneventful.  Chill-chill lang.  But on the later (pasingit:  I was supposed to write “letter”, but I changed my mind because “latter” is the opposite of “former”, whereas “later” is the opposite of “earlier”…’di ba? #GrammarNaziMode) part of the week, it kinda became madrama.  Later post on that, because   this is a Wardrobe Diary entry!  So lemme show you what I wore on Friday to the program at Raviv’s school:

  • white top: Plains & Prints
  • lace pencil skirt: from a stall at Bobae Market in Bangkok
  • belt: Marks & Spencer
  • yellow wedge sandals: Figliarina
  • bag: LV Multicolore Alma
  • sunglasses: Sunnies by Charlie

I wore this ensemble para hindi masyadong halata how fat I’ve become.  Because I did gain a lot of weight!  But don’t worry, I haven’t had much appetite since Friday.  And I hope my very hearty appetite doesn’t return anytime soon.

Anyway, back to Friday. Pormal-pormalan tayo dahil ang anak ko ay…

Yes, Raviv came as a priest last Friday. See, the children at Raviv’s school were supposed to come wearing a community worker costume.  If you remember, Raviv wowed the crowd last year as a taho vendor.  This year, I wanted something unique again.  Even though I very badly want Raviv to be a surgeon (in real life), I knew that the “doctor” outfit would be very common.  But since I had no time to prepare and shop for his outfit-ey, I figured that a priest outfit will do.  Simple lang eh: black long-sleeves, black pants, DIY cross, DIY vicar’s collar and DIY Bible and voila, we have a priest!

‘Yun lang when Raviv was asked during their program what he was, he didn’t know what he was because we are not Catholics.

Anywho, Randy and I came in full force to Raviv’s program because (sob) that was Raviv’s last day at his very first school.  So even though both Raviv and I had fever that day, we still made a point to come (at dahil sayang din ang mga DIY priest accessories na ginawa ko the night before).  Laklak na lang muna ng paracetamol.  Moreover, we were eager to see Raviv finally perform in front.  Remember I used to share with you guys how sad I was that Raviv was too shy?  But you know, ever since he also started going to Gymboree, that changed.  This isn’t to say that his school did nothing about his social skills…it’s just that Gymboree seemed to work wonders with him.  Promise.  Like last Tuesday, a mom who inquired at Gymboree sounded so amused when she related that she met Raviv downstairs. When Raviv heard her asking about Gymboree, Raviv volunteered: “ I’m the owner of Gymboree.  You may play there but not for too long.  Ten minutes lang.”  Kalokang bata!  Randy and I were really surprised because Raviv used to be painfully shy!

So we weren’t that at all surprised when Raviv finally joined his classmates in performing in front!  He may not have been the best dancer, but my heart swelled with pride when I saw him shaking his body and mouthing the lyrics of the song!

And since it was his last day at his school, he was given his certificate.  The school also said goodbye to him. 🙁  Sad.

But most heartbreaking of all was that he would be separated from his first ever bestfriend, Marcus.

Raviv and Marcus go a long way back.  They went to Rainbow almost the same time, and now they’re also leaving Rainbow at the same time.  They’ve been friends for so long, naging magkamukha na rin sila!  Like last Wednesday when I fetched Raviv, his classmate Sophia called out to him and said, “Bye Marcus!”  Raviv explained to me that Sophia may have said that because “Same kami ng face ni Marcus e!”  Whenever you ask Raviv who his favorite friend, classmate or playmate is, he’d always say, “Marcus!” without batting an eyelash. So when we told him he was leaving Rainbow, he said he was OK with it—Marcus was leaving, too.  But when we told him that Marcus and he would be going to different schools, he said he didn’t want to be separated from Marcus.  Awwwww!

During luncheon after the program, Randy caught Raviv and Marcus under the buffet table comparing their costumes and naughtily “scaring” the younger kids walking near the buffet table.  And then would laugh heartily.  Randy took photos of the two, and no words are needed to describe how these two are each other’s first ever best friends: [Read more…]

About a (Birthday)Boy

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

We are stuck here at home because of the rain, and the expected lethargy that comes along with it.  But besides that, I had also diligently worked hard (char!  Pero totoo!) since this morning until about a few minutes ago.  What work?  Weeeeeell, Gymboree Sta. Rosa is now open!!!  Waaaah!!!  That’s why on Saturday, we were able to push through with Raviv’s birthday celebration.  I’ll delve into more details about on another post (promise gagawin ko talaga!  I know andami ko nang utang sa inyo!!!), but here are some sneak previews:

10856496_832690620110692_8082719185777985467_oTreats/dessert table of a  Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

imageBirthday Party at Gymboree Sta. Rosa

Ay I tell you, it was a super fun party!  During our training I knew Gymboree was fun, but I was still surprised how much fun the kids—and even the adults—had!  I tell you, if your kid is gonna celebrate his birthday soon, celebrate it at Gymboree.

Anyway, I am blogging because I can’t let this day pass without paying homage to my raison d’etre, my Ravivo.  He will turn a year older tomorrow. Winking smile  This year, I’m gonna dish out stuff about Raviv, ala-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ang style.  So here goes:


aboutaboyAminin, ang galing ko!!!  Hihihi

FAQ 1: Why is his name Raviv?

Raviv is Hebrew for “dew” or “rain”.  We decided on his name on the day I was to be discharged from Asian Hospital, because a hospital staff said we should name him before leaving so they could do the baby’s paperwork.  Pressure ito!  Good thing I packed the baby names book given to me by my best friend (who’s Raviv’s Ninang) in my birthing luggage.  Randy picked it up, went directly to the letter “R” (because the males in the Ladaga family—his cousins, his cousins’ sons, and his Papa—have names that start with the letter “R”), and when he saw “Raviv” and what it meant, he knew that was gonna be our unico hijo’s name.  By the way, may kabaduyan kami dati ni Randy na kami ang “RainDew” Embarrassed smile.  And that was before nauso ang mga KathNiel or DongYan or JaDine.  Kasabayan n’yan ang Brangelina at TomKat.  So “Raviv” was definitely it.  Randy wanted to add “Wade” because he was so fond of Dwayne Wade assisting his forever love Lebron James in winning NBA championships, but the people he consulted were not so crazy about the “Wade”.  So decided to keep it simple, and Raviv was it.  And now, I’m so glad we picked the name Raviv—it is very meaningful, short and easily-spelled, sounds macho/masculine, and not common but not OA as well.

Only 134 Ravivs in the US!  Told you it’s not very common Winking smile

FAQ 2: Why does Raviv look so oriental?  That is, why does he look like an East Asian?

[Read more…]

Conversations with Raviv Part 5

Earlier this evening as we were walking home from dinner at Karne Frio, Raviv was happily chasing his shadow.  It was so cute!  Randy must have been as amused because he just suddenly declared: “I couldn’t ask for more from a son!”  Kinilig ako.  I really love it when Randy expresses how happy he is with our son.

Speaking of Raviv, homaygas, would you believe he’s already turning four this December?  Grabe, parang kelan lang when he was still a helpless baby!


But now, he’s already an active and inquisitive little man…who says the funniest things!  Here are some of the things I remember him saying these past months.


Conversation 1: Kelangan bang i-memorize ‘yan?!?

When Randy was still a toddler, he got lost in a big park.  But he was able to go home because between sobs, he was able to tell the police officers their telephone number.  So one day at home, Randy was teaching Raviv basic stuff about himself (Raviv) in case (Lord wag po please) Raviv gets lost.

Randy:  What is your name?

Raviv:  Raviv Sales Ladaga.

Randy: Very good!  What’s your father’s name?


Randy:  Nye!  What’s the name of your Tatay?

Raviv:  Tatay Randy Ladaga!

Randy:  Good.  Where do you live?

Raviv:  Here!

Nyehehehe!  Naku, bawal ka talagang mawala anak!


Conversation 2:  Patience

Everyone knows my penchant for big eyes.  I’ve always been frustrated about my almond-shaped eyes, because I wanted soulful, doe eyes.  When I was pregnant with Raviv, I kept on wishing my child would have big eyes.  But wouldn’t you know it, God gave me a chinky-eyed son.  One time I was telling a friend about my sadness over Raviv’s chinky eyes.

I to a friend: Pinagdadasal ko nga dati na sana malaki ang mata ng anak ko, kaso ginawang singkit…

Friend:  Maganda naman ang singkit, mukhang Korean.

I: Oo pero gusto ko talaga malaki sana ang mata ni Raviv.

Raviv, butting in: Nanay magiging big din ‘yang eyes ko…small ‘yan kasi small pa ako eh, ‘di ba?


Who says Raviv is singkit? #sunnies #cutesunnies #owleyes #RavivongBata

A photo posted by Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga (@momsterteacher) on

Ano’ng singkit?!?  Sino’ng maysabing singkit ako? – Raviv


Conversations 3 & 4: English Only, Please

Last summer, Raviv was almost 24/7 with his former nanny, Yaya Gigi (Yaya Isay got preggers, ‘di ba?  And Randy and I were too busy).  The thing with Gigi is that she can’t help but speak in Bisaya even when talking to someone who doesn’t understand a Bisaya word.  So of course, Raviv was already imitating her “Hala natagak!” (translation: Nabutas Nahulog), “Ay wa’y agas! (translation: Walang tubig), “Istoryahi!” (translation: Ikwento mo!”) and many more.  When he returned to school in June, we encouraged him to start speaking in English again (not because we just wanted him to sound sosyal but because they have to speak in English at school as he has several foreigner classmates) and told him that if he doesn’t speak English he won’t have friends as his classmates won’t understand him.

One night he approached me.

Raviv: “Nanay can I have some cookies?”

Before I could give him an answer he immediately followed up with…

Raviv: “English ba ‘yun?”

And then he groaned.  It was so cute!


But his obsession with the English language did not stop there.  One time I was telling him about his ancestry.

I: Raviv when people ask you why you’re singkit, tell them it’s because of your Lolo Roger.

Raviv:  Why?

I:  Because you got your eyes from your lolo who’s pure Chinese.  So when people ask you why why you’re singkit, tell them it’s because you’re part Chinese.

Raviv, shouting:  No, no!  Hindi ako Chinese!  English ako!


Conversation 5:  A valid question

[Read more…]