Life and Death Were Unfair to Cecil Geronda

At the risk of getting flak from Ray Bernard Penaranda’s friend, family, classmates, etc., I am saying, UNFAIR ANG LOCAL GOVERNMENT KAY ROCHEL!

When I visited Rochel’s family last Saturday, they had nothing but kind words to say about our mayor, vice-governor, and governor.  Rochel’s family, being indigent, probably felt honored that these officials took notice of them.  But mind you, as of Saturday, it was only Vice Governor Cesar Perez who personally visited Rochel’s wake.  Rochel’s aunt was among the leaders of Mayor Ton Genuino’s campaign, but the mayor only called and promised to help.  OK.  Notice too that almost nothing was done–Rochel’s death did not seem to warrant any hullabaloo from among thre local government.  After all, sino ba naman ‘yang sampaguita vendor na ‘yan na ni-rape at pinatay, right? [Read more...]