The Waiting Game

I’ve waited for today (Sunday!) the entire week, because it’s my only rest day amidst a really gruelling week.  But after three consecutive episodes of The Good Wife, I feel restless, bored and lonely.   Randy is in Taguig, teaching. Good thing Raviv called earlier to talk to me.  It was the highlight of my morning. I just realised that if I were the single, childless, career-driven woman I still sometimes wish I were, this would be my life:  looking forward to a day off, and then getting bored on my day off.  See, I’m not a very sociable person (believe me!)  Neither am I adventurous, and I hate road trips (so I probably won’t be one of those single ladies enjoying the good life going to beaches or climbing mountains).  And I'm sure I won't be living with my parents or relatives as well.  I'll be really lonely. One of the most memorable sad memories I have is Valentine’s Day 2002.  My a-few-months-old relationship has just ended, and the UPLB Feb Fair was in full swing.  Our … [Read more...]

Raviv’s Long Weekend Adventure #2: Up, Up & Away + Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #32

Hello! Our Mindanao vacation is over, and we’re back! I still don’t have a laptop, though. Yesterday, we attended the 2nd birthday of an amiga’s daughter at Fun Ranch near Tiendesitas, and traffic was horrible! The bad traffic would have been sulit because I spent time contacting MacBook Air online sellers, so we could meetup in Tiendesitas. Unfortunately, none of them even replied to my SMS inquiry. I tried calling them, too, but none was picking up. What the?!? I came ready with cash and all, and nada. Pwes, bahala sila. ‘Yun lang, wala pa rin akong own laptop. Huhuhuhu. Anyway, here’s a lowdown of the events that transpired on Saturday last week. We left Sta. Rosa City at 12:30 a.m. en route to the airport, because our flight was at 4 a.m. Raviv went to sleep wearing his travelling clothes already. He’s been so excited about this trip that when he heard some hullabaloo when Randy and I were getting dressed, he woke up on his own. Raviv and Randy at NAIA Terminal 2. … [Read more...]

Shakey’s Goes Big in Cebu City!

Advertorial It’s bigger, it’s better and it’s here! After 40 years of making pizza, Shakey’s newest and BIGGEST branch in Cebu is now open to serve Guests! The best legacies come from the most passionate endeavors. Shakey’s Philippines has been a strong brand in the pizza segment of the local food service since its inception in 1975 when they opened their first store in Makati. Developed by four of the food industry’s giants, Shakey’s emerged as an avenue for marketing San Miguel’s newest draft beer. Almost four decades later, Shakey’s is now a successful nationwide franchise with over 150 restaurants. Their latest innovation exhibits a change in image and ambiance to feature the present family-oriented, wholesome, and fun atmosphere. Constantly in tune with their roots, the brand maintains the warmth and familiarity that have made their stores a sensation. Shakey’s Cabahug is the sixth and largest store in Visayas, having the capacity to seat up to 52 tables, or a total … [Read more...]

Wardrobe Diary #68: It’s All About Love (Feb. 14, 2015)

My Valentine’s date story hasn’t ended yet!!!  So please, please allow me to relish my Valentine’s date.  But before that, let me show you first my Valentine’s Day outfit: Here I was by our hotel room door at Acacia Hotel before having breakfast: And here I was at the Acaci Restaurant after a very satisfying breakfast: Sequined shift dress: Culte Femme Bag: Marc Jacobs Stam Ballet flats: Yosi Samra You know, I had second thoughts about wearing a shift dress because shift dresses tend to make me shapeless.  And looking at the photos above, medyo nga.  But this Culte Femme dress looked and felt so good to wear that I took the risk.  Besides, the fact that its waist wasn’t cinched was perfect because I planned to eat a lot. ;) Anyway, back to our date.  So Randy and I had a scrumptious buffet breakfast at Acaci Restaurant.  That’s part of our Valentine’s package at Acacia Hotel. … [Read more...]

Shakey’s Super Grand Slammin’ Deal: Pizza Plus Pizza Plus Mooooore!!!

Advertorial They say there is something about the appetizing look of pizzas that whets every food lover’s appetite, no matter what time of the day it is.  But the operative word here is, “they”.  Because I have a confession to make:  I do not like pizzas all that much.  I like them, but not like others (like my husband and son!) who are willing to eat pizzas 24/7. So wait, what am I doing, writing advertorials about Shakey’s?!? For one, Randy and Raviv loooooove pizzas so much.  Second, we are talking about Shakey’s, bey-beh!  And Shakey’s isn’t just pizza!  Whenever I’m with my man and my boy or with friends, and they say they crave for pizza, I’d always suggest Shakey’s.  Why?  Because even when I’m in no mood for pizza (but usually my mood changes when it’s thin crust and still hot and smellin' so good!), Shakey’s has a lot, lot, lot more to offer.  And I have a lot, lot, lot more to salivate after!  Whenever I’m at Shakey’s, I always have a difficult time deciding which one … [Read more...]

Da Best of eLBi 2: My Favorite Restaurants in Los Banos

It used to be that I thought of myself as someone who prioritizes yummy food the least.  Back in college when I was scrimping on my allowance so I could buy the clothes I covet, I used to scoff at people who wear dowdy clothes but spend so much on food. But I surprised myself when I found myself saying that I’d rather not eat if I don’t like the food, or losing appetite simply because the food bores me. And then it hit me: during college, I was just blessed to be surrounded by restaurants serving delicious foods that still allowed me to save some of my allowance for clothes. Fast forward to 2014:  I am already working, and I could even afford to eat in fancy restaurants in Metro Manila.  But you know what?  I often feel foolish for shelling out thousands of pesosesosesoses for foods that are actually a fraction of the cost of their counterparts in eLBi. So guys, lemme share with you my favourite restaurants that are proudly made in eLBi: (Note:  This is NOT an … [Read more...]

Da Best of eLBi 1: LB Love

It’s Los Banos Day on Wednesday.  Don’t bother knocking at our doorstep para makipiyesta. Aside from the facts that there will be no classes on that day and you will see a band on parade, no one would ever guess that we are celebrating our town feast.   Image lifted from   I am not really a fan of town feasts, but I feel like celebrating Los Banos Day this year.  At least on this blog (sorry, no handa pa rin.  Hehe).  I love eLBi and I really consider this my home even if I was not born here.  Actually, I realized that that is the only milestone in my life that Los Banos was not a part of.  Well, that and my grade school graduation.  For everything else, Los Banos was a witness: my high school and college days, my first love and first heartache, my (first and hopefully my last) marriage, my hits and misses on parenting, my growth as a teacher…and many more!  In fact, I don’t think Los Banos was just but a witness—Los Banos actually sculpted … [Read more...]

Wardrobe Diary #47: Familia Sundate (Oct. 6, 2013)

I was especially happy on this day, because our family got to do what normal families do on Sundays: make it all about God and family. See, our work entails us to work on weekends.  Not complaining here, because we are relatively from Monday to Friday.  And pasyal on weekdays has its perks, because that meant tourist spots and malls are not crowded.  But still, there’s a part of me that makes me long to have a special Sundate with my family. For some reason, the Sundays of October free for Randy and me.   And I revel these Sundays. I make sure we at least attend the Sunday service.  But on this day, Randy learned that there was a back-to-back dog show in Tagaytay City!  Back when Randy and I were still bf-gf and our business wasn’t this huge, we had several Sundays off and we used to spend it attending and joining dog shows.  So even though we were still a tad sick from God-knows-what sickness the previous day (buuut, we still taught!), Randy and I got excited at the thought of … [Read more...]

Restaurant Review: Probinsya Buffet Restaurant

Davao City is the best when it comes to satisfying one's gastronomic cravings!  I have actually christened it as the Most Affordable Buffets City Capital of the Philippines.  Every first-timer in Davao I talk to raves about the eat-all-you-can restaurants that abound in Davao City! But of course, even though there are plenty of eat-all-you can restaurants that do offer a wide array of food, you can't be sure that these restaus actually care about the quality of the food they serve.  But not Probinsya Buffet Restaurant. Our plane touched Davao City at 7 a.m. Wednesday last week.  After dropping by my kababata Bubbles' home to borrow her baby daughter's car seat (it was because of her daughter's christening + birthday celebration that we flew to Davao), Dad drove us to Probinsya Restaurant for breakfast.  Take note, naligaw pa siya sa paghahanap ha, pero hinanap niya talaga! At the facade of the restaurant were streamers screaming that their breakfast buffet was just … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Randy-vous in Tagaytay Part 1

Last Sunday, I heard someone say that it is the women who love celebrating Valentine's Day.  That may be true for most people, but not for us.  May I just say that I have the sweetest husband? With the pile of work we have, I was willing to sit out this Valentine's:  I was OK with just staying home, watching a movie on our TV and a nightcap.  But Randy insisted we have a date.  He told me that we should always celebrate Valentine's like new, so-much-in love couples, not like an old, married, jaded-about-love couple.  Feeling so lucky that I married such a man,  I agreed.  I remembered the voucher I bought from Metrodeals last September (that was when I first discovered  Metrodeals--I was excited that I wanted to buy EVERYTHING): Tagaytay getaway at Las Ventanas for two for just P1,999, with free dinner, breakfast and massage!  Thinking that this was really a steal, I purchased it right away to save for a special occasion.  And the occasion called No-Plans for Valentine's presented … [Read more...]