Wardrobe Diary #47: Familia Sundate (Oct. 6, 2013)

I was especially happy on this day, because our family got to do what normal families do on Sundays: make it all about God and family. See, our work entails us to work on weekends.  Not complaining here, because we are relatively from Monday to Friday.  And pasyal on weekdays has its perks, because that meant tourist spots and malls are not crowded.  But still, there’s a part of me that makes me long to have a special Sundate with my family.

For some reason, the Sundays of October free for Randy and me.   And I revel these Sundays. I make sure we at least attend the Sunday service.  But on this day, Randy learned that there was a back-to-back dog show in Tagaytay City!  Back when Randy and I were still bf-gf and our business wasn’t this huge, we had several Sundays off and we used to spend it attending and joining dog shows.  So even though we were still a tad sick from God-knows-what sickness the previous day (buuut, we still taught!), Randy and I got excited at the thought of being at a dog show again, even though we do not have any entry.

Here’s what I wore to church and then to our pasyal by the way:

momsterteacher wardrobe diary

And here’s a much closer look at the outfit details:

wardrobe diary details

  • Dress from Blessed Online Shop (this cost only P300+++!)
  • Leather sandals from Outland (I’ve recently rediscovered Outland!  I have forgotten how comfy and sturdy they are, not to mention affordable!
  • Two-way bag (can be shoulder and can be handbag) from Relic
  • Leather belt from a thrift shop Randy and I passed by in Cavite
  • Sunnies from Charles and Keith

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Restaurant Review: Probinsya Buffet Restaurant

Davao City is the best when it comes to satisfying one’s gastronomic cravings!  I have actually christened it as the Most Affordable Buffets City Capital of the Philippines.  Every first-timer in Davao I talk to raves about the eat-all-you-can restaurants that abound in Davao City!

But of course, even though there are plenty of eat-all-you can restaurants that do offer a wide array of food, you can’t be sure that these restaus actually care about the quality of the food they serve.  But not Probinsya Buffet Restaurant.

Facade of Probinsya Restaurant

Our plane touched Davao City at 7 a.m. Wednesday last week.  After dropping by my kababata Bubbles’ home to borrow her baby daughter’s car seat (it was because of her daughter’s christening + birthday celebration that we flew to Davao), Dad drove us to Probinsya Restaurant for breakfast.  Take note, naligaw pa siya sa paghahanap ha, pero hinanap niya talaga!

At the facade of the restaurant were streamers screaming that their breakfast buffet was just P168!

P168 for breakfast buffet

Just how far did our P168 go?  To a looooooong buffet table!

Probinsyana Restaurant Buffet Table

I was the first among us to approach the buffet table (napaghahalatang mas matakaw ako kesa kay Randy), and I was overwhelmed with the wide array of traditional Filipino breakfast dishes that greeted my eyes!

Boiled eggs, longganiza, corned beef (Is corned beef a traditional Filipino probinsya dish?  Nevertheless, I’m glad it’s part of the menu.)

Fried bangus…and other dishes I could no longer recognize…

Scrambled eggs, sinangag, and plain rice

May mami pa para mainitan ang tiyan! Perfect, for it was a rainy morning

There was even boiled yellow camote–Randy loved it!

Fried daing na bangus and dinuguan…very Filipino!

Filipino breakfast icon: pan de sal! Plus several palaman

Even with just a fraction of the above dishes, sulit na ang P168, right?  But I’m not even halfway yet!  There were different Pinoy vegetable salads (with matching bagoong, alamang, and suka dips pa ha!) [Read more...]

Valentine’s Randy-vous in Tagaytay Part 1

Last Sunday, I heard someone say that it is the women who love celebrating Valentine’s Day.  That may be true for most people, but not for us.  May I just say that I have the sweetest husband?

With the pile of work we have, I was willing to sit out this Valentine’s:  I was OK with just staying home, watching a movie on our TV and a nightcap.  But Randy insisted we have a date.  He told me that we should always celebrate Valentine’s like new, so-much-in love couples, not like an old, married, jaded-about-love couple.  Feeling so lucky that I married such a man,  I agreed.  I remembered the voucher I bought from Metrodeals last September (that was when I first discovered  Metrodeals–I was excited that I wanted to buy EVERYTHING): Tagaytay getaway at Las Ventanas for two for just P1,999, with free dinner, breakfast and massage!  Thinking that this was really a steal, I purchased it right away to save for a special occasion.  And the occasion called No-Plans for Valentine’s presented itself.  I called Las Ventanas last Friday with a small ray of hope that something would still be available on Feb. 13 or 14.  And what do you know, there were still slots for either night!  Randy and I decided to head to Tagaytay on the 13th and go home after lunch on the 14th.

Yesterday, I felt guilty leaving Raviv just with his nannies.  I wanted to bring him with us.  But we definitely could not have a romantic Valentine’s Eve and Day with him in tow, right?  The thought of bringing his nannies sprang into our minds, but when only Yaya Isay expressed outward jubilation about going to Tagaytay with us, Randy decided to leave Raviv home with strict instructions to everyone left (he wanted the other nannies to be excited to come with us).

We left at about 5 p.m. and arrived at our first stop at around 7 p.m.  First stop was dinner at Restaurant Verbena at Discovery  Country Suites.  Since it was a Valentine’s Eve dinner, I wanted fine dining.  We did not choose Antonio’s (most popular in Tagaytay) because we’ve already eaten there before.  Bago naman :)

On the way to Tagaytay….

Randy:  (condescending and nang-iinis na tono) Iba-blog mo ba itong date natin?

Me:  Oo.

Randy:  Naku dapat maganda ang mga sabihin ko kasi ikukuwento mo nanaman sa blog mo ‘yung mga pinagsasasabi ko (sabay tawa na nang-iinis pa rin).

Welcome to Restaurant Verbena!

The restau was cozy to begin with (country style), but made even cozier by the fact that it rained practically the whole day.  Plus the soft yellow lights really set the mood.  And since it was raining, there were quite a few patrons (Randy:  Nagpa-reserve ka pa, konti lang naman tayo!)  Soft yellow lights + rain + Tagaytay breeze + few guests + window near the cliff with foliage seat = melancholy mood. And melancholy mood is synonymous to romantic to me.

I love, love this ambiance!

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Restaurant Review: Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Calauan

OK, I know, this must be the millionth Isdaan Restaurant Review.  I rarely visit personal blogs but I’ve already seen a handful of blogs featuring it.  But I can’t help it:  Isdaan is worth mentioning.

As a Los Banos resident who frequents Sta. Cruz, Laguna, I’ve seen its facade a bazillion times.  Guess that’s why it took us sucha long time to actually visit it:  it is “just there”.

But on Tuesday, my Mom and bff Cristy Salem (whom we’ve been calling Mama Cristy since forever) were here.  As I’ve mentioned on my Raviv’s Roarin’ Jungle Safari First Birthday Party Part 3 entry, she’s one of the most generous person I’ve ever known.  Randy and I wanted to make sure she’d feel our love for her, thus despite our busy sched these days, we decided to bring her to Isdaan for dinner.  Joining us were Raviv’s Yaya Isay and Yaya Jocelle, plus my brother TJ, his wife Ruth, baby Yoona, and Yoona’s Yaya Tet.

Upon our arrival, I immediately was in awe of the big, booby mermaid statue.

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