Review: Diode Laser Underarm Hair Removal at Skin Station

(This is one of those “I-wish-this-were-a-Sponsored-Post” blog entries.  But it’s not.) I’ve been getting a lot of private messages regarding my quest for hairless underarms courtesy of the IPL package I got from Mendez Medical Group, in reference to my blogpost entitled Tiis Ganda.  To be honest, I wasn’t satisfied with it.  Although I got the 3-in-1 package (IPL + whitening + excessive sweating treatment), I ended up getting only the IPL during my later visits there.  Why?  Because I felt like the whitening and excessive sweating treatments were mema lang—padding lang.  Something to “sweeten” the deal.  I got this impression because when I was getting my treatments there, they were offering me the “more effective way” to whiten my underarms which was the blue peeling with diamond peel.  It cost me an additional P3,000.  As for the excessive sweating treatment, I have a feeling that its effectiveness was but fleeting.  So to save time, I would just tell the aesthetician to proceed … [Read more...]

Wayback Wednesday: Hong Kong Hotels Review

I’ve promised you guys so many blog posts that never pushed through. Usually when I have the time to blog about it, parang laos na ‘yung “news” so I don’t bother and move on with my current affairs. But there are moments like this that I have the time to blog but I don’t know what to blog about. Enter “Wayback Wednesday” blogs—now I’ll backtrack on things that I feel I should have shared with you but was too busy to. For my first Wayback Wednesday post, I’ll share with you my take on the hotels we’ve stayed in in Hong Kong last year. I feel these reviews will be helpful if you or a loved one is currently looking for a hotel in Hong Kong. We stayed in two hotels in Hong Kong last year: Residence G and Disney Hollywood Hotel. Here are my unbiased reviews about these two Hong Kong hotels.   Residence G Hotel (aka Hotel G) Review If not for the fact that I lost my iPad, we wouldn’t have stayed here. But to pay penance for my stupid mistake, we opted to stay in this … [Read more...]

Dreamy Pictures from Dreamy-Garden Portraits

Guys, I’ve been meaning to share these super duper wonderful photos of our family with you for the longest time! These were taken by the very talented Nadia Vieira, with the help of Tamami Kretzschmar, of Dreamy-Garden Portrait! The first time I saw this duo’s works, I gasped. The pictures that they produce are pure magic! For some reason, their photos stir up something in me. I feel nostalgic, I feel in love, I feel warm, I feel tingly, and I feel happy! Nadia not only captures the essence and soul of the models, but she also mesmerizes those who look at her photos! When the creative duo invited our family (that includes our extended family—our bullmastiffs!) to model for them, we readily said, “YES!!!” And boy are we glad that we did, because it was a fun experience. Which of course, resulted to having photos we will cherish for a looooong time! Tamami (wearing the hat) and Nadia (holding the camera) behind the scenes during our photoshoot Let’s get to know … [Read more...]

Wardrobe Diary #67: High on Love (Feb. 13, 2015)

Hello!!! I hope you had a love-filled Valentine’s weekend, just as I did!  I loved how our Valentine’s date went.    And boy, did we make the most out of it. ;) This is a big deal for me because: 1. This was only the second time we had each other only to ourselves on an overnight date ever since Raviv was born.  'Yung first one, ang jologs pa nung place. 2. Valentine's Day used to be stressful for us, because February used to be super busy for us.  As in sakit pa ng ulo for me because I would reluctantly heed Randy's request na mag-date naman daw kami (#AkoNa).  And after a lunch date somewhere without any reservations, we would rush back to work.  Going through the motions lang talaga para hindi masabing wala na kaming romansa sa katawan. But not this year.  Five days to go before Valenrine's Day, we already had a concrete plan (yes, prepared na kami nang lagay na 'yan!) In the afternoon of Friday the 13th, Randy and I dropped Raviv at Gymboree Sta. Rosa then headed … [Read more...]

Happy New Hair: My Keratin Treatment aka Brazilian Blowout aka Permanent Blowdry Experience

Hello hello hello hello!!!  My two weeks’ worth of chika are already jiggling with excitement as I type away!  I’m very sorry for being MIA for a long time. I know I’ve given this excuse many times in the past, but I swear I’m so busy that Randy is even frowning upon the fact that I’m squeezing this blogging in. But how can I not blog?  Last week I got this really touching comment on my two-week old “latest” blog entry: 'Di ba?  Denise, thank you so much for this very sweet message!  I truly, truly appreciate this! Anyway, as Denise has alluded--happy new hair to me!  Yes, after almost three years, I’m straight again! When my curls (digipermed in October 2013) have started getting really loose and the ends of my hair got really dry, I started hating my hair and knew pruning time was inevitable.  At first, my friends told me to renew my digiperm.  But I was tired of it.  I wanted to sport a bob to get rid of the remaining curls. To convince my friends to support my … [Read more...]

My New Cellphone’s Blog Debut

Don’t hold your breath, it ain’t the much-talked and hyped-much iPhone 6.  #WishKoLang.  Actually, far from it.  Not even its significantly less expensive counterpart from Samsung.  But I’m already so happy with it.  So anong kwento?   How to retain your lost/stolen mobile number OK, so when I returned to the Philippines phoneless from Hong Kong, Randy was inconvenienced because I kept on borrowing his phone.  So one of the first things I did was to go to Globe to request the same number.  You need to present either an affidavit of loss or your old SIM bed.  If you have registered for G-Cash, an ID would do.  But I recommend that on the onset you tell the Globe people that you’re there to get a SIM so they could tell you right there and then whether they could provide you a SIM with your old number.  Because on the first Globe center I went to, I was told they had none available after I had lined up for half an hour!  But they were nice enough to call other Globe centers and … [Read more...]

Da Best of eLBi 4: Beauty and Brain Hubs

Now that we’re finished covering the foodies, let’s talk about the best eLBi establishments that help feed the mind naman, and then my favorite place that make me feel oh-so-pretty and pampered. Best Antique and Book Shop Every true-blue tipid mode bookworm of LB knows this: The Practical Shop!  In high school and college, I have frequented this place almost every other day to hunt the next installment of the Sweet Valley High series I was so addicted to.  And whenever I would see a Sidney Sheldon or Judith McNaught book (that is on every starter bookworm’s list), my heart would go thump, thump, thump.  This place was practically a tambayan for me back then.  Because that place was a portal—the books I find there took me to places! Through the books I bought there, it’s like I’ve already toured Europe and travelled through time and lived during the Prohibition and the Renaissance.  I also had an in-depth glimpse of what it would be like to be a maiden in love with and wooed by … [Read more...]

Da Best of eLBi 2: My Favorite Restaurants in Los Banos

It used to be that I thought of myself as someone who prioritizes yummy food the least.  Back in college when I was scrimping on my allowance so I could buy the clothes I covet, I used to scoff at people who wear dowdy clothes but spend so much on food. But I surprised myself when I found myself saying that I’d rather not eat if I don’t like the food, or losing appetite simply because the food bores me. And then it hit me: during college, I was just blessed to be surrounded by restaurants serving delicious foods that still allowed me to save some of my allowance for clothes. Fast forward to 2014:  I am already working, and I could even afford to eat in fancy restaurants in Metro Manila.  But you know what?  I often feel foolish for shelling out thousands of pesosesosesoses for foods that are actually a fraction of the cost of their counterparts in eLBi. So guys, lemme share with you my favourite restaurants that are proudly made in eLBi: (Note:  This is NOT an … [Read more...]


Ayoko nang maging artista. LOL! I’m saying this because two or three weeks ago, I had treatments done on me at the Weigh Less Center (Mendez Medical Group) at SM Megamall.  And boy were they painful…painful physically and painful financially! Remember when I was ranting about my underarms burnt by waxing?  Naku, it happened again.  Twice pa after that!  So I really swore to myself I’ll have my underarms lasered.  Sobrang nacacahiya talaga mag-sleeveless.  Plus my friend Dr. Sugar Blanco told me how her boyfriend was raving about her underarms not having hair.  She advised me to look for online promos, ‘coz that’s how she was able to have her underarms lasered without breaking the bank. And then I saw this deal on Ensogo: Perfect, di ba?  At our local dermatologist, each IPL session easily costs P3,000!  So this was great.  After all, I’m always in the Metro these days; Mendez Medical has a branch at Megamall, and our condo is near Megamall.  So on Friday last week … [Read more...]

Wardrobe Diary #55: Pretty in Pink (Feb. 23, 2014)

Hi you all!  I’m so glad to have this time to chat with you again.  If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you probably know I’m “Stressed Drilon” these days.  As in.  No glow ako!  It’s because we’re swamped with work.  Our new Operations Manager and staff are hardworking naman, yet we still have so much load. But Randy reminded of the positive side: our being swamped with work means that people trust our services.  And really, I am very grateful for that trust.  In fact, I get very, very upset when we commit a boo-boo.  Every boo-boo stresses me out.  While some people would take such in stride, I would take them very seriously.  As in there are times when I don’t sleep fitfully when I hear a complaint, even when the complaint is unwarranted. Anyway, part of that heavy load is the fact that we are expanding big-time in Metro Manila this year—our venues there almost doubled from last year (thank you Lord!)   Ergo, Randy and I thought of getting a modest condo unit in the … [Read more...]