Day at the (Mind) Museum

My friend (and Raviv’s Ninang) Light Manuel took Raviv to The Mind Museum a day before Mother’s Day. Randy and I have long planned to go to The Mind Museum. I (as MomsterTeacher) have received invitations to go there, but my schedule always gets in the way. Then months ago, Light told me about being excited to “spoil Raviv for a whole day”, and that included a trip to The Mind Museum. When I realized I’d be busy in May, I realized I’d take Light’s offer so that Ravivo could enjoy even if his parents were busy. And so finally it happened on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. I had classes at McKinley Hill in Taguig that day, and the plan was that our driver would bring Raviv to The Mind Museum (just at BGC) where Raviv would meet his Ninang Light. Across The Mind Museum On that day, I woke up really early. It was Yaya Beth’s dayoff, so I had to bathe and dress up Raviv by myself. Eh 6:30 dapat umalis na kami, because we were coming from Sta. Rosa and our classes start at 8. So … [Read more...]

Familia Ladaga in Hong Kong Day 3: I Love Disneyland!!!

I sound like happy kid, no? We spent two days on the “happiest place on Earth”, or in Hong Kong, for that matter.  I decided on this because I was told that one day was not enough to fully enjoy Hong Kong Disneyland. On our third day in Hong Kong, we checked out of our hotel (Residence G) in Tsim Sha Tsui to go to Disneyland Hollywood Hotel where were supposed to spend our last night in Hong Kong.  We got a taxi to bring us there, because we could not afford to walk and transfer vehicles with our heavy luggage.   Disney’s Hollywood Hotel When we arrived at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, Randy was clearly overjoyed, because he hated our hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui (even though it’s Rank #20 out of 667 hotel in Hong Kong on Trip Advisor).     Pag pasok pa lang, positive na positive na ang ambiance!  The lobby smelled really good and has this happy and friendly atmosphere.     It’s unlike other high end hotels we’ve been … [Read more...]

Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #27: Raviv in Hong Kong (Sept. 22, 2014)

Walang kwenta ang title ko ‘no?  Hindi pangmatalino, LOL!Anyway, I would have wanted the title to go something like it’s nice to be young and not know all the troubles hounding your parents, because as you may already know, boggang kamalasan ang inabot namin sa Hong Kong (whaaaat you haven’t heard yet?!?  HERE!)  But since it’s too wordy and I can’t think of a way for that to sound witty, I decided to stick to the boring title above.Anywho, I realized that it’s been such long time since I last featured Raviv’s outfitey!  The last one was in April pa!  I guess it’s because RAviv really has no penchant to mowdel-mowdel, much to his nanny’s dismay.  Although I console myself with the fact that:Magkaka-baby girl din ako, and when that time comes, maghanda ang SM Kids’ Fashion, Gingersnaps, etc…at ang bank account namin.  HeheheIn the recesses of my mind, I don’t want Raviv to grow up vain or a metrosexual.  I honestly want him to be nonchalant about … [Read more...]

Wardrobe Diary #61 (Hong Kong Trip Day 1): Hobnobbing With Celebrities (Sept. 22, 2014)

If you have read my previous post, you already know how depressing this day went.  But since I’ve already poured out my emotions on that blog post, I want to focus on the good side of this day.Because on this day, I hobnobbed with my fellow celebrities.  Take note:  celebritiES, plural.  And not just starlets but true-blue celebrities.  So buti na lang hindi masyadong halata ang pagka-haggardous versoza and stressed drilon ko! Here’s my outfit of the day/wardrobe diary on our first day in Hong Kong when I met celebs:  white dress: ukaygold ballet flats: Yosi Samra red leather bag:  Balenciaga CityAt NAIA, I already saw a reporter with a cameraman…inaabangan ata ako, LOL!  Later, I saw Marian Rivera and her posse in the same terminal as we were.  She’s really pretty and her skin was immaculate.  I took photos of her using my smartphone, pero alam naman natin kung among nangyari sa smartphone ko ‘di ba?  Hayst. … [Read more...]

Familia Ladaga in Hong Kong Day 1: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Helllloooooo! I’m really excited to blog again, yet also sad because I would have to relieve the kamalasan that we had in Hong Kong. :(Pre-Departure JittersThe night before our flight to Hong Kong, I was not able to sleep well because I was panicking about our itinerary.  I was looking for more places to visit aside from what I had in mind (The Peak, Disneyland, Ocean Park & Avenue of Stars).  Actually, ganyan talaga ako when I know I need to be up early—mas napupuyat ako being stressed that I need to wake up early!As I explored where to go and how to go about places in Hong Kong, I saw a promo on the website of Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong: Since it was cheaper, gow gow gow agad ako!  I also saw that the The Peak Tram will be under maintenance on the 23rd of September.  That means we have to be there on our first day in HK, since the 24th and the 25th were off limits because I have already reserved a room and a two-day pass to Disneyland.  Again, I … [Read more...]

A Weekend in Cebu

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m down with a serious case of coughs, and the only consolation I’m looking forward to is that the “explosions” would be like crunches to help tighten my ever expanding midsection.  In short, I hope that in its own teeny, tiny way, my coughing would help me lose weight.  Because, my goodness, I’m gaining so much weight again.  Waaah! Anyway, as you may already know, I was in Cebu during the weekend sans my boys.  Irvin and I went there for Brain Train’s Intensive ACET and DLSUCET Review. We left on Friday morning, because prior to going to the airport, I took care of two more tasks.  First, I went to White Label Bridal on Yakal St. in Makati.  My friend Irvin is getting married in November and I am one of the bride’s maids (I have just emailed them my gown pegs and I’m so excited about them!  Thus I really need to lose weight!)  Next, I went to the office of Maid Provider to return a yaya and get a new one.  Raviv’s most previous yaya (Yaya Gigi has … [Read more...]

Familia Brain Train Goes to Punta Fuego!

Hallooo!  I am excited for this post, because this would rekindle the memories I have in this fun outing with people dear to me.  This is also some sort of a review of Club Punta Fuego. Recently, our post-summer outing pushed through.  It was a very special outing, because we all thought it was never gonna happen, what with our internal problems.  But as I said on a previous post, thank God things were resolved. At first, we were targeting Amansinaya Mountain Resort.  But because of the negative reviews on Trip Advisor, we hurriedly looked for a new destination a few days before the outing. The fact that the toilets are untidy and that water is scarce is a big turn-off! And wouldn’t you know it, Punta Fuego was available! The entrance fee (inclusive of welcome drinks, lunch, and use of swimming pools) to this exclusive resort was also affordable. Before heading to Punta Fuego, we first had our annual/traditional photo ops in front of the latest Brain Train UPCAT Passers … [Read more...]

Raviv Turns Two in Subic! (Part 3: Ocean Adventure Secrets Revealed + Review)

continued from Raviv Turns Two in Subic Part 2 If you're planning to visit Ocean Adventure and get the most out of it, read this.  Fully.  I regret not researching before going. Where to go? The lady who gave us tickets failed to give us the piece of paper containing the itinerary and schedules of the four main shows.  So when we entered, we didn't know where to go.  We were told that there were two ongoing shows--Walk on the Wild Side and Sea Lion Marine Patrol--and were berated why we didn't have the itinerary.  Since we were nearer the venue where the Walk on the Wild Side was being shown, we literally ran to the amphitheater.  The show was already ongoing, and an Aeta was on stage teaching jungle survival.  We figured the kids won't like it, so we left the place and decided to watch the sea lion show.  Again, we ran like crazy because the two venues were far apart. The secret of the Sea Lion Marine Patrol "volunteer" When we got to the Sea Lion Theater where the … [Read more...]

Another EKsiting Evening at Enchanted Kingdom

I had another magical time at the Enchanted Kingdom one Sunday early this year.  Remember when I swore to return to EK with my man and my boy?  Well it has already happened!  Familia Ladaga was joined by some Brain Train teachers and staff.  Too bad the others had emergencies and were not able to come with us. Of course, group picture muna sa parking lot. J Raviv’s entrance was no longer free.  On the positive side, it’s because he’s tall. As soon as we entered the park we saw Eldar and Princess.  Of course, I joined the mob so Raviv would have a picture beside them.  Raviv was saying Eldar was Santa Claus, hehe. ...and some characters Cue in the queues! On a sad and disappointing note, there were too many people in the park that day.  Super!  It took our companions (Raviv’s Nonong Irvin, Tito Pau and Tito Sargei) more or less an hour (I may exaggerate  things a bit sometimes but not this time) just to be able to ride the Space Shuttle!  After their … [Read more...]

Raviv Turns Two in Subic! (Part 1: Zoobic Safari Review + Kwento)

Another jungle birthday for Raviv! Last year, Raviv celebrated his first birthday with a full blast jungle safari-themed party.  This year, he had a simple circus-themed pre-birthday bash at school.  Pre-birthday because his real birthday falls the day after Christmas when most people are still on vacation.  Thus Randy and I decided to celebrate our unico hijo's birthday in Subic.  Subic was perfect because my parents came over for the holidays, and they still haven't really toured Subic.  Even more perfect because Raviv loooooves animals so so so much, and Subic has both land and marine animal showcases!  Ergo parang jungle birthday uli, 'yun nga lang real animals na this time! Stopover at WIN When we arrived in Subic in the morning of December 26, we had a quick stopover at the Wildlife in Need (WIN) headquarters.  We did because Randy was nostalgic--one of his first jobs was to catalogue the fauna in the forests of Subic.  The present headquarters of WIN was once his team's … [Read more...]