UPCAT 2014 Results Released Two Days Before Christmas!

Alarm bells early Monday morning

Last night Randy and I slept late, as we consider Mondays our day off (we work the hardest on weekends).  More so this Monday, as we have already been bitten by the Holidays bug.  But then something roused us from our deep slumber before 5 A.M.: consecutive beeps of my mobile phone and of his iPad.  I tried to ignore it but shortly after, I heard another series of beeps.  And then Raviv, who has been waking up quite late for the past months, woke up early too.  So I had no choice but to wake up and check my cellphone.  This was what removed any trace of antok in me:

2013-12-23 18.43.44

At first I thought it was a joke, or that Arianne (the student who messaged me), was mistaken!  After all, the previous UPCAT results were released in February this year!  Way, way AFTER the release of the ACET and of the DLSUCET!  As far as I know, the earliest previous UPCAT results were released mid-January, and definitely NOT before Christmas!  But then I also saw another message:

upcat passer 2014

And then I got a notification of a “mention” on IG:

2014 upcat passer

So I checked my news feeds on Facebook and true enough, almost everyone awake was posting something about the UPCAT.

Ambivalent feelings

Like what I’ve said in the past years, I really get ambivalent feelings whenever the UPCAT results come out.  And this batch’s result is no exception.  Of course, I feel great when I receive “thank-you” messages or even when I read status posts of my students expressing their extreme elation.

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Surprise: May Essay na ang UPCAT! (What to do?)

Have you read this?

If you consider yourself UPCAT-ready, then only one thing will surprise you:

 1. For the first time, UPCAT examinees will be asked to write an essay.

The UPCAT previously consisted of multiple-choice questions in four areas: Language Proficiency, Science, Mathematics and Reading Comprehension.
Consider bringing more food for your snacks as the addition of the essay portion to the exam will make the UPCAT longer this year, bringing the actual duration of the test to four hours and 20 minutes.
 And is probably scaring you.

Image courtesy of csu.edu.au

Easier said than done, but then, DON’T PANIC.  That will only do you more harm than good, as I’ve written on my most previous post.
OK, here’s what to remember:  if you’ve done pretty well  on your language proficiency and reading comprehension subtests, there really is no need to panic.  Essay writing is an application of those:  kinarir mo ang pagiging Grammar Nazi?  E ‘di flawless ang syntax ng essay mo!  You understand passages pretty quickly?  Then chances are, your train of thought is pretty fast as well.  That also means you also have good vocabulary!  I remember our Essay Writing Contest for FREE UPCAT Review winner, Dwight de Leon…he aced the language proficiency subtest.  So there really is a connection. [Read more...]

UPDATE: Brain Train’s UPCAT Passers and Outstanding DLSU CAT, ACET, and UPCAT Passers

To all those took time to correct their names and add their names on my previous post (For the huge, yellow tarp: BRAIN TRAIN’s 2012 UPCAT Passers List), thank you!  Grabe, we thought we already had so many UPCAT passers, ‘yun pala mas marami pa!  On the first list I gave, wala pa pala dun ‘yung passers ng isang venue.  Again, thank you for getting that BRAIN TRAIN advantage!  Thank you too for remembering and praising the Dewmaine’s INUNAT Formula© (don’t forget the copyright!)  Question: ‘yung Dewmainean Theorem© hindi na ba ninyo naaalala?  Haha.  Anyway, here’s our new list.  Again, please check your names ( Brain Train’s yellow tarps are being posted right now in Los Banos and Cavite.  Expect the other tarps within the next weeks).

PS: I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Brain Train‘s Outstanding UPCAT, ACET, and DLSU CAT Passers!  Here they are:


 Vaugirard Scholarship  (DLSU CAT Top 120 examinees)

  1. Kimberly Palomique
  2. David Benedict Robles
  3. Marvin Darron Santiago
  4. Francis Manuel Resma

 Star Scholar Candidates

  1. Kimberly Palomique
  2. David Benedict Robles


 San Ignacio de Loyola Merit Scholar (1 of only 10 Awardees)

  1. Aliya Luisa Dalmacio

 Director’s List (Top 2% in the ACET)

  1. Christopher Patrick Elegado
  2. Kimberly Palomique
  3. Angelo Gabriel Dionora
  4. Ria Mikhaella Panis (updated Jan. 29, 2012)


Oblation Scholars (UPCAT Top 50)

  1. Kimberly Palomique
  2. David Benedict Robles
  3. Christopher Patrick Elegado (updated Jan. 29, 2012)

 INTARMED Candidates

  1. Oscar Acopiado Jr.
  2. Zyra Krizia Arcos
  3. Kimo Anthony Bello
  4. Maika Loise Dingal (updated Jan. 29, 2012)
  5. Christopher Patrick Elegado
  6. Kimberly Palomique
  7. Ria Mikhaella Panis
  8. Francis Manuel Resma
  9. David Benedict Robles
  10. Marvin Darron Santiago

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For the huge, yellow tarp: BRAIN TRAIN’s 2012 UPCAT Passers List

For more than a decade now, BRAIN TRAIN Tutorial and Review regularly publicizes its list of UPCAT passers.  The names of UPCAT passers are placed on a huge, yellow tarpaulin and posted in every BRAIN TRAIN review venue.  What was supposed to be just an advertisement turned out to be a tourist spot!  We’ve seen several BRAIN TRAIN UPCAT passers posing beside this huge yellow tarpaulin, and even making it their profile pic on Facebook!  Sometimes, motorists even stop and stare at the list, looking for a familiar name.  Apparently, we didn’t expect that seeing their child’s name on this yellow tarp means so much to parents.  In fact, about 2-3 years ago, a father called us asking why her Brain Trainee daughter who passed UP Diliman wasn’t on the tarp.  We apologized for the oversight, but he insisted we put her daughter’s name on the tarp…dream daw nilang makita yung name ng anak nila sa yellow tarp na yun (mas importante pa sa website ng UPCAT, haha)!  So we did on the tarp that is in their municipality.  After a week, we received another call again…bakit daw wala sa tarp na nasa Calamba!  Nung dumaan daw siya, hinanap niya dun!  Haha.  We were amused, even flattered that the BRAIN TRAIN yellow tarp is a HUGE deal.  My mom told me that it indeed was a HUGE deal, and that we SHOULD add the name.  At that time, Randy and I still did not have our Raviv, so I guess we weren’t that sensitive to parents’ feelings.

BRAIN TRAIN Family (wala ako!) against the 2011 Yellow Tarpaulin

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Pending and Degree Program with Available Slots Stories

I’m reposting what I’ve posted on my earlier blog entry, “Pasa ba ang Pending? Eh ang Degree Program with Available Slot?” And Other UPCAT Results-Related Questions.  These are actually my replies to the questions posted under the comments section of that entry, based on the answers given to me by my friend and niece.  I realized that despite my assurances that those that are pending are still passers and already have slots, many are still scared (or perhaps too excited).  So to, hopefully, appease you, here are my friend’s and niece’s kwentos about their personal experiences:

Image courtesy of shutterstock.com

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UP Waitlist/Reconsideration Process

Lulubusin ko na :)  Pati recon at waitlist, post ko na.

Like what is stated on the UPCAT results web pages, here’s what you need to do if your name is NOT on the passers list:


If you do not qualify to any of your campus choices, you have several options:

FIRST : You can try other UP campuses if:
1. your rating is within their posted cut-off, and
2. they still have available slots.

Present your Non-Qualifier’s Slip (which will be sent to you in the mail and which will show your admission rating) to the Registrar’s Office of the campus you want to enter. However, there is no guarantee of acceptance as each campus makes its own decisions according to its own criteria.

SECOND : If no UP campus can accommodate you, you can enroll in a college or university other than UP. After earning 33 academic units with a weighted average of 2.00 or better on the UP marking system, you can apply for transfer into a UP campus. Again, each campus has its own rules on transfer and accepts only a limited number of transfer students. Information regarding transfer to UP may be obtained from the Office of the University Registrar of the respective UP campuses.

Let’s focus on the FIRST scenario.  So what are the cut-offs of the UP campuses? Using a scale of 1.000-5.000,  with 1.000 being the highest and 5.000 being the lowest, here they are:

UP Diliman: 2.2 (no waitlist/recon)
UP Manila: 2.285 – 2.5
UP Baguio: 2.659 – 2.574
UP Tacloban: 2.7 – 2.7
UP Cebu: 2.7 – 2.7
UP Iloilo: 2.7 – 2.7
UP Mindanao: 2.75 – 2.75
UP Los Banos: 2.42 – 2.8

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“Pasa ba ang Pending? Eh ang Degree Program with Available Slot?” And Other UPCAT Results-Related Questions

The Official Seal of the University of the Phi...

Image via Wikipedia

First, congratulations to the new Iskolars ng Bayan Mabuhay kayo!  And thank you for entrusting your UPCAT review with BRAIN TRAIN.  To those who did not make it, don’t despair!  Get your UPG and see if you’d be eligible for reconsideration or waitlist.

We have been receiving plenty of phone calls and messages on Facebook regarding the 2012 UPCAT results.  To avoid redundancy, we have decided to compile your questions.  Please share this as well.

Image lifted from www.shawie.com

Image lifted from www.shawie.com

FAQ 1: Where can we find the list of UPCAT passers?

Ans: Go to http://upcat.up.edu.ph/results/ and click the set where your LAST NAME may be included.  If you’re having trouble going to this site, you may go to its mirror sites, http://upcat.pregi.net/, http://upcat.stickbreadsolutions.com/, and http://www.creativepointonline.com/upcat/


FAQ 2:  My name is on the UPCAT passers list, but there is no campus and course across it.  Instead, across it is **Pending Case.  Am I a passer?

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After the UPCAT

Dear Brain Train Students Who Have Just Taken the UPCAT,

How was it?  I heard there were no vocab and analogy questions in the UPCAT this time around.  I hope that it never entered your mind that our sessions on vocab and verbal analogy were wasted, because I assure you, they’re not.  Remember that there are still other CET’s/CAT’s where these may come in handy.  Moreover, I believe that the tips I’ve given particularly in vocabulary will help in real life…now you know why it’s called a massacre, genocide, disparity, etc.  Just dissect the words and the meaning of an unfamiliar word will suddenly unfold right before your very eyes.

Dear students, I’d like to tell you that when we Brain Train teachers tell you or make you feel like we are sincere in helping you, well, we really are.  We are so passionate in teaching you to the point that even after a grueling day of a six to eight-hour classes, teaching tips are our dessert at the dining table.  We English teachers calibrate our explanations on how to simplify teaching the dreaded verb tenses, our sundot banats, and even the sarcastic hirits.  We want to teach you what is right so much to the point of letting go of our egos–we ask each other how better explain something (forget the fact that our colleague might look down on us) and share to one another everytime we have our eureka! moments (aka, a breakthrough on how to teach a concept that will surely be hammered into the students’ minds).  The same goes for the math teachers.  I remember one night when Sir Irvin, Sir Jet and Sir Enteng had a conference and shared to one another their tips and tricks in teaching math the fun and the easy way.  Never mind the fact that they had dinner at around 9pm, and to add insult to the injury (of a rumbling stomach), the mosquitoes feasted on them.  Again, this happened after a grueling 6-hour class day last summer.  The same goes for the science teachers.  Dr. Julius, in all his brilliance, had the humility to actually listen to Sir Randy on how to deliver gen. science and biology explanations…and, Doc Julius also listened to my suggestion to give the students the KUBA brain twister (yep, that was from me, handed down by the father of biology teaching at Brain Train, Prof. Jomar Ison).

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is how seriously we take our tasks in mentoring.  And if you appreciated it, good for you.  If, last summer, you were like sponges who absorbed what we were relaying to you, I assure you that you are going to make it.

I’d like to thank everybody who did.  You may not know it, but we appreciated every nod, every smile, every laughter and every kind word you had for us.  These fuel our desire to be even better.  I remember years ago, I was teaching the grammar handbook for 8 hours…on my last class, I told myself, “Ay bahala na, ide-deliver ko na lang ‘to as is, wala nang effort kasi pagod na pagod na ako.”  My voice was strained (this was pre-amplifier era), my feet were aching (this was also pre-practical era…umaarte pa ako sa pagsusuot ng heels kahit alam kong sasakit ang paa ko) and I was doggone tired!  BUt upon entering the room and seeing this one student who always looked intently listening to my every lecture, hindi ko kinaya.  Even if it was only he who I’m sure appreciated my effort and really tried hard to learn from me (he was a grade 6 student from a not-so-good public school), I pushed myself to deliver my class well.  I did not cut corners and still “performed”.

Dear students, let me have the gall to tell you that yoy were really blessed to have had us as your mentors for the UPCAT.  Aside from that we were magnificent (aminin!), we were sincere.  Actually, I believe that we were magnificent because we were sincere…sincerity came in first before the magnificence.  Let this be a lesson to you too:  to be magnificent in what you do, you have to love it first.  When you are, your world will revolve around it and being magnificent on it will come naturally. :)

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