Wardrobe Diary #57: Flower Power in the Summer (Mar. 12, 2014)

Last March 12 Raviv and I attended another kids’ fashion show, this time the launch of the summer collection of my favorite carrier of fashionable and reasonably-priced kids’ apparel, SM Kids’ Fashion.

The invitation said to wear something floral, as we were to have “garden party” at Shine Bakery at SM Aura Premiere.  Honestly, I had a hard time choosing which dress to wear because I have plenty of floral dresses in my cabinet–most of them I have never even used.  You may have noticed that I have a penchant for feminine fashion.

But I finally settled on this one:



Randy actually chose this after I modeled about five dresses for him.  He said he liked this best because of the 50’s vibe it gave.  And I agree!  I love how dainty it is, and how soft and flowy the skirt of the dress is.  Indulge me in my arte poses:

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Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #25: At the SM Kids’ Fashion Summer Collection Launch (Mar. 12, 2014)

On March 12, Raviv and I attended the launch of SM Kids’ Fashion Summer Collection.  But before going to the fashion show, we dropped by our newly-bought condo (yes, we got it!!!) to bring in stuff and to clean.  Yaya Gigi was with us, and she was excited about our new condo.  Like me, she also found it maaliwalas.  I will show you pictures of it later on this post.

Anyway, guests were asked to wear something floral.  That was quite a feat because Raviv was a boy.  Good thing that when I scoured his closet I found something floral and Hawaii-ish.  Take a look at my toddler boy’s outfit:

th_IMG_4896Photo taken by Luther Abcede

th_IMG_4897Photo taken by Luther Abcede


SM Kids Summer Fashion Raviv Ladaga[12]

  • Hawaii-ish polo: Nui Nalu (which is really from HawaiiWinking smile )
  • jeans: Zap, available at SM Kids’ Dept.
  • checkered hat: SM Kids’ Dept.
  • leather boots: Florsheim Kids, available at SM Kids’ Dept.

Anyway, while doing the collage of the last photo I was amused with Raviv’s photos.  Especially the one where he was looking down and his hand was in his pocket.  He wasn’t really posing, pero aminin natin, ang ganda ng dating ‘di ba? Winking smile  Para s’yang rakista.  Haba pa ng buhok (though clean cut na s’ya ngayon).  And I thought his outfit would make him look like Lito Atienza’s grandson.  Hehe.

Images lifted from Wikipedia and Youtube, respectively

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Wardrobe Diary #56: Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Thighs…Hoooo!!! (Feb. 25, 2014)

If you can relate to this post’s title, then you’re probably a batang 80’s.

To the young blood bekis, you may be wondering where the senior bekis got the “thunder cats” term for those who are, well, “tanders”.  Well, that’s from the ‘80s hit cartoon ThunderCats.  Aaand, favorite ko ‘yan nung bata ako.

But this blog is not about the cartoons ThunderCats.  This is about something that kinda sounds like it.

It’s about my thunder thighs.

Because for the first time, I took the plunge.  For the first time, my thighs will take center stage here in my Wardrobe Diaries.

Are you ready?  If you are, then shout/chant with me (ala-Lion-O)…



Thunder thighs, Hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #24: Ang Mahiyaing Magtataho (Mar. 7, 2014)

This day was the last day of Raviv’s 3rd quarter at school.  And sadly, probably his last day at his current school.  Randy decided to pull out Raviv from school because last year we had a problem sending Raviv to school.  Lahat ng drivers and vehicles namin, wiped out during summer.  Moreover, Randy wanted to spend the remaining days of March bonding with Raviv because we know that come April and May, we will both be MIA.

Anyway, Raviv’s class’s topic for the past quarter was on community workers.  To cap it off, the students were required to go to school as community workers.  Normally I’d prepare for that weeks before the event, but we were already too busy preparing for the grueling summer.  Ergo two days before the program nag-panic na ako at nag-post sa Facebook ng SOS.

community worker costume

Good thing I have several creative friends.  Each idea was great, but at the end I opted for the simplest and most unconventional suggestion by my über creative friend, Maqui Endaya.

Meet Manong Raviv, ang magtataho ng Rainbow/Brent Community:


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Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #23: Little Valentino (Feb. 14, 2014)

Hellowee!!!  This is probably going to be my shortest post ever, because all I’m going to do is splash Raviv’s photos that were taken on Valentine’s Day.  See, I was about to post a different blog entry but as I was scanning his photos, I saw his V-Day outfit and I can’t resist featuring it.

Here’s my little Valentino on V-Day:





Ang cute di ba? Rolling on the floor laughing  And aside from that, I feel like this is the last time he’ll wear that long-sleeved top because as you can see, halos hanging na.

Here are the outfit details:

  • red long sleeves: Disney Baby
  • blue pants: Rustan’s Jr.
  • checkered hat:  SM Kids’ Fashion
  • shoes: Tough Kids, available at SM Dept. Store

Yun lang, hindi ko lang ma-resist.  Bye-bye and enjoy the rest of the day, mwah!

Wardrobe Diary #55: Pretty in Pink (Feb. 23, 2014)

Hi you all!  I’m so glad to have this time to chat with you again.  If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you probably know I’m “Stressed Drilon” these days.  As in.  No glow ako!  It’s because we’re swamped with work.  Our new Operations Manager and staff are hardworking naman, yet we still have so much load.

stressed drilon

But Randy reminded of the positive side: our being swamped with work means that people trust our services.  And really, I am very grateful for that trust.  In fact, I get very, very upset when we commit a boo-boo.  Every boo-boo stresses me out.  While some people would take such in stride, I would take them very seriously.  As in there are times when I don’t sleep fitfully when I hear a complaint, even when the complaint is unwarranted.

Anyway, part of that heavy load is the fact that we are expanding big-time in Metro Manila this year—our venues there almost doubled from last year (thank you Lord!) Birthday cake  Ergo, Randy and I thought of getting a modest condo unit in the Metro.  That way, we do not have to waste time looking for decent, inexpensive hotels every time we, our teachers and staff when we have teaching loads in the Metro.  A condo unit, we believe, would be a good investment.  Even after the summer we would be able to use it.  Honestly, one of my frustrations in life (frustrations talaga!) is that sawang-sawa na ako sa Festival Mall at Alabang Town Center.  Talaga!  Randy is allergic to the MMDA and to traffic so when we shop it usually is just in Alabang.  But not all blame lies on him:  kahit ako tinatamad just thinking of hurdling a heavy traffic after a tiring pasyal or shopping in the Metro.

Since we were just about a month away from using our future condo, we acted fast and scheduled ocular visits.  Inipon namin lahat ng options on this Sunday, and this was what I wore to our condo hunting:





  • pink and white checkered blouse: Pretty Giraffe
  • shorts: Orange Juice
  • sandals: Aldo
  • bag: Chanel Cambon Medium Pink Tote

Fink na fink baActually I don’t really like pink, but I read somewhere that wearing clothes and accessories that are bright can actually lift our mood.  And in fairness, mukha naman akong fresh sa photos na ‘to.  By the time Randy took those photos, pagod na pagod na kami n’yan ! We were already on the road as early as 7:30 a.m.!

The properties we looked are either located in Mandaluyong and Eastwood, as we were looking for a condo that’s accessible to most of our Metro Manila venues.  Let me show you some of the units we looked at:

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Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #22: Praise the Lord! (Feb. 9, 2014)

Praise the Lord because on this day, Raviv escaped a what-would-have-been major accident (whose outcome is something I refuse to even think about).  Because on this day, our little boy almost got hit by a bus.  Yes, a bus!  I’ll elaborate later.

The outfit-ey

Anyway, we went to church on this day, and I made Raviv wear this:





  • olive green jumper: given by Motherhood
  • green shirt: Lazy Town, given by my cousin-in-law Marivic Suravilla
  • sandals: Florsheim Kids

I’ve always loved jumpers on kids.  In fact, when Raviv was younger, his closet was full of jumpers.  To me, kids wearing jumpers just look about 50% cuter.  Just like how I feel about little girls in pigtails.

However, I’m now having difficulty finding jumpers for Raviv.  I have also noticed that he is getting too big for his jumpers!  Thus, I decided to make Raviv wear his jumpers as often as he still can.  I know I’m guilty of making Raviv look like a batang binata (a fashionable batang binata, that isWinking smile) , but this time around I just wanted him to look like my baby again. Rolling on the floor laughing

The little big boy levels up

Ironic because on this same day I decided that he will attend the Kids’ Church.

Image lifted from victoryfort.org

The past years, Raviv spent his Sundays at church in the toddler area where he and the other kids would play while parents and/or nannies would watch the preaching on TV.  But on this Sunday I figured that Raviv could already attend the Kids’ Church where he would learn more about God and how much He loves us.  I also thought Raviv would enjoy listening to Bible stories and singing praise and worship songs with the other kids.  This was bolstered even more when, during the praise and worship (adults), he was singing (wrong lyrics, pero keri langSmile ), raising his hands and clapping his hands for the Lord.

When I dropped the little big boy to the Kids’ Church, he did not want to at first and was painfully shy.  But after a few minutes I sneaked out, and he was left with Yaya Gigi.  Later I learned I learned from Yaya Gigi that Raviv had a blast at the Kids’ Church, and was sad only for a while when he learned I left.

2014-03-02 11.58.59

After the Sunday service, we decided to have lunch at a restaurant that’s just at the bukana of our subdivision—relatively near our place—because I had a headache and had to rush printing certificates because we were sponsoring a quiz contest.

How Raviv almost got hit by a bus inside our subdivision

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Wardrobe Diary 54.2: Red-diest of Them All (Feb. 1, 2014)

If your eyes temporarily went blind with the solid red peplum blouse I wore to the Johnson’s Baby Play Factory launch earlier on this day (Feb. 1, 2014), pwes maghanda kayo at isuot na ang super dark sunglasses n’yo, because the red you’re about to see might blind you for life!  Here’s what I wore our next event—the 20th Anniversary and Fashion Show of Gingersnaps—on the first day of the love month:

wardrobe diary red jumpsuit

red jumpsuit outfit details

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Raviv’s Wardrobe Diary #21.2: King of Hearts (Feb. 1, 2014)

Happy Sunday!!!

How was your Valentine’s?  Did you have a date?  If none, naku, wala kayo kay Raviv!  After playing at Active Fun on the very first day of the love month, nakadiskarte na si Raviv.  And take note, super pretty ng girl!   Take a  look:

prom king and prom queen
Image from Mars Ilagan

toddler love team

2014-02-01 18.04.54

Di baaaa?!?!  Does it not remind you of when you were in your junior-senior prom, biglang naging sweet ang music, at ang mga lalaki nagkaron ng soft yet determined expressions on their faces?  ‘Yung parang magtatapat naTapos tayong mga girls pa-demure naman na parang delicate flower?  Ahahaha!!!

Well if you’re wondering whether Raviv and Lia (that’s the pretty girl Raviv was with) actually attended a prom or a dance, hindi namanHaha.  This actually happened during the Gingersnaps’ 20th Anniversary and Fashion Show.

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Wardrobe Diary #54.1: Red-y for Valentine’s (Feb. 1, 2014)

Advance happy Valentine’s everyone!!!  Do you already have plans for V-day tomorrow?  Well, Randy and I originally planned to watch the Julia Fordham show/concert at the Grand Ballroom of Solaire. I’ve long wanted to watch a jazz concert at a small venue, and I love Julia Fordham’s soothing voice!  However, two things made me decide not to push through:  first, we expect a lot of enrollees and phone calls tomorrow; second, we also expect heavy traffic, bilang Valentine’s Day tapos Friday pa!  I just told Randy babawi kami Valentine’s015.

Well speaking of Valentine’s, I’ve been wearing a lot of red this love month.  My favorite color is yellow but lately, I find myself gravitating towards the color of love.  Take, for example, my outfits on February 1 when Raviv and I attended two disparate events at Bonifacio Global City.

Our first stop was at the launch of the Johnson’s Baby Play Factory, held at Active Fun.  For this, I wore something comfy—“mom fashion” talaga—as I knew I’d be running after my little boy from time to time.  Here I was at the event:


J&J, Gingersnaps2

  • scoop-necked peplum red top: Greenhills Shopping Center
  • denims: Giordano
  • brown sandals: Outland (you just gotta love Outland!  Sturdy and very comfy!!!)
  • leather bag: Balenciaga Giant Velo in Anthracite [I know I know—lagi na lang ito ang bag ko!  I’m just so in love with this bag!  IMHO, dark-colored Balenciagas are perfect for moms—fashionable, very lightweight, roomy, and convertible (can be worn as a shoulder bag and as a cross-body bag)!]


P20103902014-02-01 20.32.52

You know I was eager to attend this event because both Raviv and I are true-blue Johnson’s Baby products users.  I grew up seeing Johnson’s everywhere—Motherhood would not let us use any other product!  It was always Johnson’s Baby Powder, Baby Shampoo, Baby Lotion, Baby Cologne, Baby Bathbasta puro Johnson’s!  When I was young I wanted Motherhood to buy something else but she wouldn’t!  In fact, when our nannies would use something else on us, Motherhood would wrinkle her nose and say, “Hmpft ang baho!  Masangsang!”  And you know what, I get her now, that’s why Raviv also uses Johnson’s!  Johnson’s Baby products have that smell that’s neither too strong nor the least masangsangin fact, the scents of its products are always mild and gentle at nakakaadik!  Something one can never get enough of!  To illustrate how much I love J&J products, eto ha, when I was pregnant, I had a really bad case of hyperemesis gravidariumthe scent of practically everything made me throw up!  I hated the scent of any shampoo, of any soap, of any perfume, of any foodbasta lahat!  Except for Johnson’s Baby Lotion (the pink one).  I loved it so much that when I don’t like what I’m smelling, I would open a bottle and sniff it.  And I would feel better.  Until now, it’s the lotion I use. ;)

One of the event’s hosts was Marc Justine Alvarez (child actor in GMA’s “One Day, Isang Araw” and “Indio”)

Anyway, back to the event.  The program was short, simple and sweet.  We were basically made to realize by the event that powder time could be fun!  Raviv and I were accompanied by Kuya Dodong (who drove for us) and by Yaya Gigi.  Naku when Cha Cha Canete was called, kinilig nang todo si Yaya—hindi mapakali!  Especially when she sang “Let It Go”.

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