Summer Post Script Part 1: Changes

My Haggard-ous Versoza-ish summer has finally come to a halt.


Now, I can have this one-sided conversation with you again…, I’m sooooo back!  A lot, as in a LOOOOT of things happened during the summer.  But I was too busy troubleshooting them, or taking a break because of them, that I really had no time to write about them.  But since I want to immortalize them, I’m summarizing the significant things that happened to me during the last two months.  Also, the lessons I have learned this summer.

For this first post, I am going to have countdown of the changes that occurred.  While we know that “There is nothing permanent except change.” (Heraclitus), the summer that passed brought significant events that impacted our lives in a major way, or made me rethink several things.  Here they are:

5. I had hyperacidity!  And the pain it brought was no joke.

That’s why the sight of chocolates and too salty foods repulse me now. I used to think that people who squint their faces because of hyperacidity were just being OA.  Now I know better.  My hyperacidity rendered me absent for two days during the review.  Imagine that!  I will (try to..hehe) blog about hyperacidity more in depth-ly.  But to summarize, stress and bad diet are the major culprits.  Aaaand, watermelon saved me (thanks Tita Tess Dia-Melo for the advice!)

4. Raviv gained weight.

A loot of weight.  You want proof?  Here:

This was Raviv in March:

2014-03-30 09.59.55

Here he was in May:

photo (8)Dibaaaa?!?!

Not enough proof?  Well, less than a month ago I bought him clothes at Uniqlo (my new favorite store for Randy and Raviv!!!).  I knew he has become fatter, so I consulted our driver Dodong which size to buy.  His estimate was the same as mine, although I still had some doubts.

2014-05-27 20.22.13

But still, I got the size that Dodong and I thought was enough for Raviv.  But then…

2014-05-27 20.17.292014-05-27 20.19.56

2014-05-27 20.20.102014-05-27 20.20.14

Try as we may, the two pairs of pants did not fit.  Waaaah!

I dunno why or how he gained that mich weight quickly, but it may be because:

a. He stopped going to school.
b. He very rarely goes out of our bedroom because it’s too freaking hot outside.  Ergo, his activities are just watching TV or playing with the iPad.
c. His Yaya Gigi overfed him.

Whatever the reason is, I’m trying to control Raviv’s weight now.  Randy has forbidden me to do so, because he thinks Raviv is sooo cute right now.  I agree that Raviv may be cuter now that he’s “chubbier”, but according to

Overweight and obese children are at a greater risk of developing serious health problems such as:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • bone and joint problems
  • asthma
  • restless or disordered sleep patterns
  • liver and gall bladder disease
  • depression and low self-esteem


Childhood obesity doesn’t always lead to obesity in adulthood, but it does raise the risks dramatically.  The majority of children who are overweight at any time during the preschool or elementary school are still overweight as they enter their teens.  Most kids do not outgrow the problem.

So I better start acting now, right?  It’s not that I’m depriving Raviv of delicious foods—I’m just trying to add more fruits and veggies and meat, while minimizing junk food and sweets (which is often the cause of my and Randy’s debates: Randy would say, “Kelan mo papakainin ng masasarap?  ‘Pag matanda na at bawal na?  And I would say, “At least tumanda!  Hindi maagang namamatay!”)

3. Raviv is no longer Peter Parker—he is now Ben Tennyson a.k.a. Ben 10.

And as proof of how busy we were last summer, I didn’t know how that happened.  Basta na lang one day nung umuwi ako, ayaw na n’ya kay Peter Parker at si Ben 10 na raw siya!  Everyone who knows how obsessed he is with Spider-man was shocked.

Remember these moments?

Waley na ‘yang mgayan!  These are what’s uso with Raviv now:

2014-06-05 18.08.01

2014-06-05 18.07.41Yes, watch collector na si Raviv!  Hahaha!

I never thought this day would come when I would actually push Raviv to liking Spider-man.  Not too long ago I was so exasperated that Raviv wants to wear nothing but his Spider-man costume.

Raviv's big problem. #adik #spidermanaddict #spidermancostume #spiderman

A video posted by Dewmaine Sales-Ladaga (@momsterteacher) on

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Glory of Love

Why the title?  Because one of the famous lyrics of that song is

I am a man who will fight for your honor…

Pero baligtad.  Kasi ‘yung girls ang nagfa-fight for the honor of the guys here in my stories 😉  Starring Yaya Isay and Ate Alona 🙂

Our household has two pairs of lovebirds.  Our helpers being couples is a double-edged sword:  it’s good because 1) They’re not kitiki-text as their “babes” are working with them; and 2) Because they’re happy that they get their dose of romance—wholesome ang ibig kong sabihin—as they go out at night and have dates on their days off.  But it’s also bad because 1) They tend to always side with their jowas; and 2) They’re a package deal—you keep one, you keep both; you get rid of one, you get rid of two.

Anyhoo, I just want to share with you how bemused I was how proud our Ate Alona and Yaya Isay are of their Kuya Peter and Kuya Dodong, respectively.  Adonis na adonis ang trato sa kanila nina Yaya Isay and Ate Alona!  And that’s great of course.


Yaya Isay + Kuya Dodong

Ansaveh ng KathNiel sa inyo?!?

Nanay Dew: Si Ate Vi (referring to Raviv’s Cousin Yoona) takot sa boys no?  Ayaw niyang sumama sa mga lalaki.

Yaya Isay: Pero kay Dodong sumasama ‘yan Ma’am.

Nanay Dew:  Oo nga e.  Kay Dodong niya lang gusto.

Yaya Isay:  Siguro Ma’am mga gwapo lang ang gusto niyang samahan (sabay ngiti).  Marunong mamili si Ate Vi, ‘no?

Ano’ng say n’yo?!?

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The Yaya Dialogues Part 2

Due to the number of requests I have gotten to feature our househelp and nannies again, I really paid attention to our helpers’ conversations these past days.  And here is the result of my eavesdropping:

The evening after watching That’s My Boy in Eat Bulaga…

Yaya Isay:  Ma’am, isali natin si Kuya (Raviv–cousin Yoona calls him Kuya) sa That’s My Boy!  May sumali dun na 3 years old lang ang talent niya sabihin [sic] niya ‘yung kung saang bansa ‘yung mga flag.  Si Kuya mag-identify naman ng mga animals.  ‘Di ba ang galing ni Kuya magsabi ng mga pangalan ng animals?  Hindi ko nga alam ‘yang mga pinagsasabi n’yang mandrill pati baboon at saka ‘yung jackal!  Excited na akoooo!!!

Image lifted from

Image lifted from

Alona, butting in:  Ano ba ‘yang That’s My Boy saan ba ‘yan?

Yaya Isay:  Sa Eat Bulaga.

Alona:  Ay GMA pala…kaya hindi ko alam.  Naku ‘wag nyong pasalihin si Raviv diyan!

Yaya Isay: Bakit naman?

Alona:  Kasi GMA ‘yun, eeew!  Pang-ABS CBN si Raviv no!

Yaya Isay:  E wala namang pang-2 years old sa ABS CBN!

Alona:  E ‘di antayin ming tumanda para sa Going Bulilit!  Basta ‘wag sa GMA!  Hindi ‘yan sisikat si Raviv sa GMA!  At saka hindi ko susuportahan ang career ni Raviv kung GMA siya! [Read more…]

Madramang Wednesday!

I’ll go straight to the point…I’m still too exhausted of long talks!

Image lifted from

Drama #1: Employee vs. Employer
At 5 a.m., I was roused from sleep with the bomb that Randy dropped: “Uy, hindi na raw babalik si Cynthia (our helper).  Kung galit daw tayo o si Lina (our other helper) sa kanya, hindi na raw siya babalik.”
I was roused because I was riled.  What the?!?  Background story:  On Sunday, Yaya Tet declared she is going to have to leave Yoona…Yaya Tet has a new lovelife…ibabahay na raw siya ng new boyfie niya!  First time daw niyang  yayain ng boyfriend na ibahay in all her 42 years of existence (take note, one week pa lang silang magkakilala!) ergo, she has to grab this opportunity.  Of course, this posed a problem for my brother & my sister-in-law, especially because my sister-in-law is bound for Spain next week to pursue her master’s degree.  Our helper, Cynthia, was recommending her friend who lives in Subic.  On Monday, Cynthia had her day off.  Little did we know that she volunteered to my sister-in-law that she will fetch her friend from Olongapo!  Thus on Tuesday, we were all surprised that she still hadn’t returned!  Windang kami, because we sent our boys to our Sta. Rosa building, and it was Yaya Isay’s dayoff.  Result, we were understaffed and everyone got dead-tired.  Had we known that she’s going to have two days off, we would have asked Yaya Isay to postpone her day off when Cynthia returned.  So a pissed off, naturally-mataray Lola Yaya Lina called Cynthia and berated her for not informing us of her plans that Tuesday night.  And then on Wednesday, we were told what Cynthia texted.  Kaasar!  In my mind, didn’t we have a right to be pissed off?  All she had to was tell us her plans!  And worse, it seemed as though she’s telling us we can’t get angry at her!  Bawal pagalitan! [Read more…]

Wardrobe Diary #20: Shirt Dress on Yaya Isay’s Birthday (Aug. 5, 2012)

Yaya Isay celebrated her birthday yesterday, Aug. 5, 2012.  Actually, her birthday falls every 4th of August, but since 1.) Uno celebrated his birthday on Saturday; and 2) We had classes Sunday early morning, it was decided that Yaya Isay was to celebrate her birthday on Sunday evening after our classes, so everyone could stay up late.

Anyway, here’s what I wore on Sunday as I taught for five hours before Yaya Isay’s birthday celebration:

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Why Cousin Yoona Cried

Yoona: Help me, help me…

If you guessed it was Yaya Isay’s doing, you’re partly right!

If you’re no longer new to my blog, you probably know how protective Yaya Isay is of Raviv.  Waaay more protective than I even am.  As in nothing is ever Raviv’s fault.  And because Raviv’s only other baby ka-interaction is his cousin Yoona, in the eyes of Yaya Isay, it’s always Yoona who’s at fault.

Like, just about a week ago, Yaya Isay made sumbong (I know, I know, it’s just that I can’t think of a better term) that “Sinabunutan ni Yoona si Karbee Ma’am…”  I replied with a dispassionate, “Ow talaga?” and went on to do my stuff.  Later after I’ve had my lunch, Raviv and Yoona were in Raviv’s playpen when I reached for Raviv’s cheek to kiss him before I proceed to my class.  Raviv wanted me to get him, and cried “Na!  Na!  Nana!”  Unfortunately, I can’t get him because I really had to go.  Then, he started pinching Yoona’s face (I think he was doing it so I would get him).  I told Yaya Isay what Raviv was doing (she was washing the dishes), but she merely replied:  “Ganti niya lang ‘yan sa ginawa ni Yoona sa kanya kaninang umaga Ma’am…”  I had no time to lecture Yaya Isay that we’re not supposed to teach Raviv that “Revenge is a dish best served cold” motto.  I told the story to Randy and we had a good laugh.  Then days after that incident, Yoona and her family left to live in their summer home.  I loudly wondered, “Will Yoona miss Raviv?” to which Yaya Isay replied, “Oo mami-miss ni Yoona si Karbee…wala na siyang aagawan, wala na siyang sasabunutan, wala na siyang aawayin...”  (O di ba ang bitter?).  OK Isay, we get it.  Santo na ang alaga mo.  Martir kung martir, haha. [Read more…]

The Girls of Raviv

Girl 1: Raviv’s First Kiss (I’m talking about Raviv’s first, non-parent, open-mouth-with-saliva kiss!)

About two Thursdays ago, Randy and I went to Alabang to do some last minute personal shopping before the start of our hectic summer.  We brought Raviv with us, and Yaya Isay also came along.  I did some bag shopping at Alabang Town Center, and then off we went to Festival Mall to do some grocery shopping at Shopwise.  During the short drive from ATC to Festival Mall, Raviv fell asleep.  Patay, eh the plan was he would play in this “cushioned pay playground” (dunno what to call it!) at Shopwise.  But I was confident he would be up and about once he sees kids and toys.  And I was right!  We carried him inside the playground and shook him, and then voila:  Mabuhay!

Ganyan ba ang antok?!?

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Vocabulary Lessons from Yaya Tet

Yaya Tet and Yoona

My niece Yoona’s Yaya Tet is naughty…very naughty.  In fact, she was my manita last Christmas, and on her paper beside her name was what she wanted to receive (I asked everyone to write their wishlist)–she wrote “sexy see-through blouse, ‘yung large”.  Just last week, I gave her a red blouse that was almost translucent–the kind that you NEED to have a camisole underneath.  She was very grateful when she got it, and when Alona said that she should buy a camisole for it, Tet narrowed her eyes at Alona and frowned, “Bakit lalagyan pa ng panloob?  Kaya nga gusto ko ng see-through eh!  Black na bra lang para aninag ‘yung bra!”
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I’m A Boy!!!

Last Sunday, the Ladagas plus our helpers plus Randy’s friend Hernan Anonuevo had an early summer treat:  we went to Majayjay and then did some shoe-shopping in Liliw after (I’ll blog about it separately).  Because of our number, we used the “BRAIN TRAIN mobile” a.k.a. our white L300 FB.  At first, Raviv sat with me and his Tatay Randy in front, but then got bored with my constant, “No Raviv!” (naman, pinapakialaman ang manibela at gear!!!), so he transferred to the back with his nannies.  When we were near Majayjay, Yaya Isay was making parinig (fart, I sound pa-conyo!) that we should take notice of Raviv…nagpapa-cute daw si Raviv, and “..sana ma-picture-an si Karbee kasi ang cute…”  Of course, despite my vertigo, I had to take pictures.

Good and pa-cute mood

Raviv, with milk drool, was smiling and making cute faces the whole time.  Because of his mood and because of my envy over mommies who have baby girls (whom they dress in pretyy, pretty clothes!), I had an idea!  (wink!)  Seeing the two hats I brought (o diba Majayjay lang ‘yan pero two hats pa ang dala ko!  Now you know why a baby girl would have made me dizzy with giddiness!) plus Yaya Isay’s hat, and because Tatay is helpless because he had to concentrate driving…I did something that my unico hijo will (hopefully) hate me (lagot ako kung maging grateful siya dito!) in the future…

I, Yaya Isay, Yaya Jocelle, Semi-Yayas Ate Alona and Ate Rose all shrieked with excitement, so elated over how Little Karbee looked like!

Tatay Randy (while driving):  Ano yun ano yun?  Ano’ng nangyayari bakit kayo tuwang-tuwa?

Me:  Wala lang…

Tatay Randy (after briefly glancing at the back):  A-a!  ‘Wag n’yong gawing babae!

Me:  E maganda naman ah…

Yaya Isay:  Oo nga ang gandaaaaaa…

Of course, Tatay Randy just frowned.  So what did we see?  What made us shriek, and what made Tatay Randy frown?

Ge-ruuuuuuuuuund (an English teacher’s version of “Jaa-raaaaan)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Meet Raviva, Raviv’s alter ego: [Read more…]

Yaya Isay the Child Molester

Innocent Raviv

The night after Raviv’s haircut, as we were dressing Raviv up, putting petroleum jelly on his bottom…

Yaya Isay:  Nagulat talaga ako kanina nung nakita ko si Karbee, nung bagong gupit.  Ang puge!

Me: Iniisip nga namin ni Randy kung bagay eh…

Yaya Isay:  Bagay kaya Ma’am!  Binatang-binata na…naku, sigurado ako maraming maghahabol dito ‘pag binata na.  Sasakit ng ulo ni Nanay mo Raviv!  Dapat gwapo ka ha?  Dapat mas matalbugan mo sa kagwapuhan si ******.

Then Yaya Isay moved to put petroleum jelly on Raviv’s groin area… [Read more…]