ZestAir Zucks!

Our Manila-Davao flight was on December 20, supposed to be at around 11 a.m.  In around September, I booked our flight.  The airline I chose was ZestAir because 1) I wanted to try the new kid (or airline) on the block; and 2) it has the flight schedules I want.  So imagine my consternation when, two days before our flight, a customer service rep (CSR) from the said airline called and told me that our 11 a.m. flight will be cancelled and we would have to choose between the 4 a.m. and 6 p.m. flights!  Que horror!  Technical reason daw kuno...This is such a letdown because, if you know me, I scheduled our activities around this ("Ay sa Monday ko gagawin kasi kinabukasan noon flight namin"..."Ay pwede sa Sunday ng gabi kasi flight namin ganito, etc.)! First, my Mom got my brother and his family the 10 am Philippine Airlines Manila-Cotabato flight on the same day, so they could hitch a ride with us to the airport in Manila.  Because of this, my brother and his wife had to take public … [Read more...]

Just a Week to Go Before Raviv’s 1st Birthday!

Here we go again with the breathing exercises...relax, relax, relax...whew! But how can I relax when everything seems to be conspiring against me???  Last Saturday, after a grueling teaching stint in San Pablo, my sister-in-law welcomed me home with the news that ZestAir called to inform me that our Dec. 20 Manila-Davao flight at 11 am has been cancelled!  Our only options are their 4 am and 6 pm flights!  I called them up and insisted that we be transferred to another airline but the customer service rep told me to email a certain department and then just follow-up.  Fart.  Me thinks that when I call, they'll just say that the person to approve is out since it's a weekend, and will go to office on Monday.  Grrrr talaga!  First time with ZestAir, bad impression agad!  Sana man lang may consuelo, like free air tickets and free hotel accommodations 'di ba?  Anyway, what choice do I have but to choose the 4 am flight (which means we leave Los Banos at 1 am) because if we choose 6 pm, … [Read more...]