About moi

Momsterteacher is a self-actualized, mature beyond her years, yet still youthful and dewy, working mom.*  She also teaches at their high school entrance and UPCAT/college entrance test review center, BRAIN TRAIN.

Although naturally lazy, her husband was able to force her to try waking up early in the morning and minimize idle time.  So on her lazy days, she cooks, redecorates the house, spends time with her baby, and yes, opens her Facebook account.  However, the only game on Facebook she knows how top play is Family Feud, and she plays only about once in 4 months.
Momsterteacher loves fashion, but can’t call herself a fashionista for fear of the flak she might get from “real” fashionistas.  Her top fashion icon is Blair Waldorf, Leighton Meester’s character on Gossip Girl, because Momsterteacher also likes preppy, sophisticated dresses, tops and skirts, and cherry-red lips. Although she’s had her share of compliments regarding her clothes and accessories, she admits that she could have been arrested by the fashion police several times.
Momsterteacher dedicates this blog to would-be first-time moms who may have read a bazillion books about pregnancy and parenthood that teach helpful facts and figures BUT missed out on elucidating about the feelings that come with each milestone.  This blog is also dedicated to her past, present and future Brain Train students who have learned/will learn the rudiments of grammar from her but weren’t/won’t be able to listen to her views about life and love kasi mag-o-overtime na.  But most especially, this blog is dedicated to her hands-on handsome husband, Randy, and her bouncing baby boy Raviv who make her heart swell with pride and burst with love every time.
*edited version of Blair Waldorf’s description about herself